• Review: Orbx - YBRM Broome Int'l Airport

    YBRM Broome Int'l Airport

    Publisher: Orbx

    Review Author:
    Stuart McGregor

    Suggested Price:
    $24 (32.95 AUD)

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    Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane     Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane

    Believe it or not, in all the years I have been an avid X-Plane flyer, I have never actually flown in Australia, so when I was presented with the opportunity to take Broome International from Orbx Simulation Systems for a test drive I jumped at the chance. I think this is also partly because not only had I never flown there, until recently, I had never actually been to Australia, although it's been firmly been on my "bucket list" for quite some time. This however all changed about a month ago when I reached the ripe old age of 50 and was lucky enough to visit an old work colleague across in Perth, Western Australia.

    My first small taste (quite literally) of this vast country was during a vineyard, microbrewery and chocolate factory tour -- what a great way to spend your birthday! One of the things about Australia that amazed me the most, wasn't the generations of amazing history, or the mix of cultures, the fabulous food and drink (did I mention the wine?) or even the array of world class sports on offer, it was just the sheer size of the place, that really blew me away.

    Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane     Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane

    If you aren't aware, both Perth and Broome are in the same region, namely Western Australia, so neighbors, you would think, but think again, as they are more than 2,000 km apart. Staggering for someone like me who only had to travel 50 miles or so to get to the next big city. Now if you live in Canada or the USA or some of the other great land mass of this world, then I am sure it's no big deal, however for a wee lad from a small island off the coast of mainland Europe, this is a big deal. However, no matter where you are from, it really is a big old world out there, and in Australia's case, big being the operative word.

    Anyway, back to this review and this latest release from the Orbx Simulation Systems team. Broome International is their first entry into the Australian scenery market for X-Plane 11, and as you are about to find out, I really hope this won't their last. It currently retails at just over US$25, or AUS$32.95, so pretty much in line with many of their other scenery packages. However, with ever increasing options, knowing where to spend your money can be tricky, particularly because there is such a fine array of free stuff out there. Hopefully though, reviews like this will aid you in your decision, and will at least give you an idea of how one flight simmer found the experience.

    Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane     Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane

    The airport itself is considered as the regional hub for the north western part of Australia and the gateway to the Kimberly region, with a real mix of fixed and rotary wing, GA, regional and international flights all using the airport. The town of Broome itself is a favorite tourist destination for many, and during the peak seasons triples in size from its normal population of just under 15,000, as tourists flock to the famous Cable Beach and Roebuck Bay. So, sit back and relax, crack open a can of your favorite Australian lager and let me take you to a magical part of the world, Western Australia! Oh, I should mention that Australia has more than its fair share of dangerous fauna, ranging from marine creatures such as sharks, blue ringed octopus, marine stingers, cone shells, poisonous fish, sea snakes, stingrays, saltwater crocodiles, to land based dangers like spiders, scorpions, centipedes and snakes... but let's not talk about those!

    Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane     Orbx - YBRM Broome International Airport for X-Plane

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