• LatinVFR Releases Bermuda Scenery

    LatinVFR Bermuda

    L.F. Wade International airport is the unique airport serving Bermuda, a British overseas territory, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Although usually referred to in the singular, the territory consists of 181 islands, with a total area of 53.3 square kilometers (20.6 sq mi). The largest island is Main Island, sometimes itself called Bermuda.

    We have completed for both FS versions (FS2004, FSX) an entire island archipelago of this British overseas territory, with thousands of hand placed objects.


    • TXKF (BDA) airport completely modeled with significant attention to detail
    • Texturing in HD mapping for all buildings and ground polygons
    • Surroundings extremely detailed, most major hotels in the area, and other important landmarks
    • Hundreds of hand placed static boats and ships
    • All islands covered with photo scenery with hand placed autogen, featuring the entire island chain, and photoreal water in FSX
    • High resolution ground textures / custom runway textures
    • Fully AI traffic compatible
    • Volumetric grass
    • Static private jet on the GA apron
    • Excellent night effects
    • Excellent frame rates
    • Inclusion of manual in PDF format
    • Birds (FSX)
    • Native vehicle animations (FSX)


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    1. ncflyboy66's Avatar
      ncflyboy66 -
      I have this scenery for FSX and it is by far the best for this location. However, I am on P3Dv4 now and I tested the scenery to see if it would work and generally there are a number of issues that need to be worked out to get it to work in P3D. As I understand, Latin VFR are currently updating their products to meet the more current P3D versions. I will be upgrading mine Bermuda scenery when they do.
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