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    Paul Mort

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    Aerosoft - Helgoland XP

    Welcome to my review of what could be described as a slightly unconventional scenery by Aerosoft.

    A Brief History

    Helgoland (also spelled Heligoland, but for the purpose of this review referred to as Helgoland) is a small German archipelago in the North Sea. The islands were at one time Danish and later British possessions. The islands are located in the Helgoland Bight (part of the German Bight) in the south-eastern corner of the North Sea. At the time of the German Empire in the 20th century, the islands became a major naval base, and during the First World War the civilian population was evacuated to the mainland. The first naval engagement of the war, the Battle of Helgoland Bight, was fought nearby in the first month of the war. The islanders returned in 1918, but during the Nazi era the naval base was reactivated.

    Aerosoft - Helgoland XP     Aerosoft - Helgoland XP

    In more modern times, Helgoland has become a holiday resort and enjoys a tax-exempt status, and perhaps most fascinating of all... received its first police car on 17 January 2006. Up until that point, the island's policemen had travelled by bicycle!

    Area Covered

    The airport featured in this package (Helgoland Dune EDXH) is only a small proportion of the total area covered, as the whole archipelago is presented.

    Aerosoft - Helgoland XP     Aerosoft - Helgoland XP


    If you have been following my previous reviews here at FlightSim.Com, you will be aware of my preference for smaller airports, and luckily for me, this scenery offers just that...

    Aerosoft - Helgoland XP     Aerosoft - Helgoland XP

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