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    This article gives comprehensive reference to a new idea in virtual airlines. For those who would like to skip the detail, you can go directly to www.macairvirtual.com. which launched its new site on July 4th 2017.

    For those with more energy and time? Read on!

    There may be many who think that everything has been done in the virtual airline world, and mostly? You will be completely correct. There are many unique features that exist within each and every virtual airline, that do not easily co-exist in one stand-alone virtual airline.

    From the puddle jumpers, who just enjoy moseying around the little airfields, enjoying the scenery and picking up a passenger or two on the way. Then there are those who wish to graduate to something more adventurous. Perhaps heading for a commercial pilots license, through building up experience hours with the Cessna Caravan type of craft, out in Africa, or maybe some other exotic place out in the darker regions of Indonesia.

    Then there are the big hitters, whose enjoyment fits within the more rigorous pursuit of a career in the world of the bigger jets. Those who like to cut out the smaller aircraft, and just gun up those big engines and get down to big-iron activities.

    Whatever your interest or your need to either take the simple or the more complex route to flight enjoyment - there will be a virtual airline out there to suit your needs.

    The breadth and depth available out there is enormous. But how often, if you have even begun to try it out, have you found that you almost find your niche, where you hit upon an outfit that provides some of your requirements? And yet there is often something missing.

    For an example, many virtual airlines require that you follow a strict career path. Working from the lower end of the market flights, ranking up as you go along. If hours building is your thing? That's fine. But how often can you get totally out of puff, when you think "Another 35 hours to go before I can fly a larger aircraft. And then another 100 on top of that before I get into the fast jets?" Going crazy is not a good profile for what should be a satisfying and rewarding hobby.

    Mac Air VA

    "Phew." Exhaustion can come upon you long before the oxygen has run out on the flight deck.

    Then there are the other strictures that are placed upon you. Such as the tightness of having to work within a rostered framework. Where you are required to begin your flight at the last airport that you landed at. And from where you must take off again. No leverage there, to go where you want, when you want. If this is your cup-of-tea, then that's just fine and dandy. If on the other hand, you like variety, and the ability to just jump on in any old aircraft from any old airfield, and do any old flight that comes to mind? Then the frustrations can really become evident quite quickly. Where you are totally strait jacketed into the roster 'merry go-around'. There are enough 'goings around' going on without this sort of narrow band of activities.

    We mustn't leave the veterans out the mix. Those for whom the 'history of flight and aviation' combines a love of the past, and a wish to fly the 'old-birds' that hung up their propellers many years ago, but still come out and take a bow for high days and holidays. But how many simmers can find a site where you can also dip in and out of this area of flight?

    To be sure, there are many opportunities to experience all of this, but in one place, under one virtual airline roof, and with no set restrictions? A fluid experience, with so many options, that anyone is able to find the right mix for their needs?

    Well, at this juncture you obviously really won't have had the opportunity to look far enough into what is only now becoming available.

    For this 4th July, a new kid has entered the virtual airline world, in the guise of www.macairvirtual.com. Or for an easier ride, Mac Air Virtual has just hit the skies, and boasts being able to provide all the above for your enjoyment; plus a unique chance for you to totally immerse yourself in whatever genre of flight launches your boat. Or in this case, flies your aeroplane.

    This enterprise has been the brain-child of two long standing veterans and good friends of the virtual skies. 'Captain Mac' and equal side-kick Eric 'Easy' Grindstaff. Otherwise referred to as 'Cowl Flaps' Grindstaff. It is appropriate, as when it comes to developing the structure of this new and innovative site, he certainly has done the work of two donkeys.

    If you have never heard of Captain Mac before, then we can only say that you need to hot-foot it across to his YouTube site, and get a fill of his own special formula of sharing the varied experience of flight. Where he provides advice on how to do stuff, and invites you to share in his love and experience of all things flight simulation.

    He will take you through enough tutorials to fill your encyclopaedia of flight, and some of the information is even as accurate as Wikipedia! You can find him here.

    Eric and Captain Mac have had a good deal of involvement in virtual airlines, but have always felt that there is something missing. That being the opportunity to experience the virtual world through either an open career path, a professional career path or even through enjoying flying historical aircraft from bygone times. All in the same place. Mix and match to your hearts content, and fly what, where and when you want. Without the hindrance of restrictions and being overburdened with unnecessary rules and regulations.

    Although if you decide to follow the Professional Career Path? Be very ready for some really, really tough rules and regulations - for there is something for everyone at Mac Air Virtual. Officially known as the Millennium Aviation Company.'

    As we have said above, all of this is available if you look around. But to have it all under one roof is a new departure from a very old idea.

    1. EasyE's Avatar
      EasyE -
      Hello fellow sim enthusiasts! Eric "Cowl Flaps" Grindstaff here, CEO of Millennium Aviation Company.
      I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we now have FIVE completely separate, individually tracked Divisions! In addition to the original 3 which our good friend Stuart has described, and beautifully done I might add, we have now added a dedicated Cargo Division as well as a very popular Charter Division!
      We have completely reorganized our entire database of flights (yes...all 350K of them) in order to move even more defunct (or soon to be) airframes to the Historical Division as well as now having ALL of our Cargo flights encompassed within their own Division!
      Lastly, we currently offer over 70 great tours, some dedicated to each division, with more planned as we grow.
      So come check us out! We're sure you won't be disappointed.
      And don't stop there! Make it a point to check out both Phoenix Virtual and Mirage Executive Charters! Two awesome VA's and where Captain Mac and myself both got our start in the VA world.
      Above all, remember to have fun!
    1. HondaJet's Avatar
      HondaJet -
      Hello fellow sim enthusiasts! Jerry Hayman joining in, CEO of Mirage Executive Charters (Mirage or MEC).
      Both Eric and I feel the partnership of MacAir and Mirage, which started well before the MacAir launch in 2017, has been very successful. We have a lot of hope that our joint venture with PVA will be equally successful and look forward to a long partnership.

      At Mirage we have a policy of pilot flexibility. We allow aircraft substitutions for any flight as long as the aircraft used has the range and can manage the runway lengths. Our Pilot Created Charters and Tours have been most popular among our pilots. We hope you will come check us out and if you like flexibility I feel you will want to join in the fun here. https://flymirageva.org/index.php
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