• Op-Ed: State Of The Hobby

    For over 20 years Wycliffe Barrett has been involved in flight simulation. From creating atmospheric freeware sceneries, to covering the latest simulator developments at his blog ‘X-Plane Dedicated, Wycliffe covers it all.

    His enthusiasm and passion for the hobby has made him an almost household name in the world of flight simulation, and here in this video, he shares some of his thoughts about the current state of the hobby, and what we can all do to help make it even better.






    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Could not have said it better myself!

      Very informative!

    1. wycliffe's Avatar
      wycliffe -
      Quote Originally Posted by W33 View Post
      Could not have said it better myself!

      Very informative!

      Thank you for the kind words.

    1. graaant's Avatar
      graaant -
      Thank you, a voice of sanity and decency -- much needed in these times, even in flight simming.
    1. revkev's Avatar
      revkev -
      I also appreciated your OpEd but was a little disappointed that you did not include comments on FS9. I know that it is old "technology" now, especially since the advent of FSX, P3D and Xplane, and I am one of the , I guess, many simmers who can't afford to continually upgrade because of the investment we have in FS9. I have FSX and at odd times fly in it but, in my opinion, it is not as good as FS9. I must confess that it's taken me quite a long time to get the graphics improvement in FS9 that I've been looking for but now it is almost as good as FSX. I don't think I'll be changing to FSX any time soon so if you have any comments to make for those of us out in sim world who are still using FS9 I would appreciate them. Again, many thanks for your "state of the hobby" report.
    1. Msiipola's Avatar
      Msiipola -
      Good talk!
    1. rog44's Avatar
      rog44 -
      Thank you! Keep up your good work.
    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      Yes, FS9 comments would be interesting. Many of us cannot imagine giving up the hundreds (even thousands?) of airports and other scenery that we have in FS9 for the marginal visual improvements of FSX. Holger, make the entire world please.
    1. bushp04's Avatar
      bushp04 -
      Thank you for your OpEd, Mr. Barrett. I must say that I was completely unaware of some of the sims you mentioned,
      e.g., IVAO and Pilot's Edge, just to name two. You've put me on yet another research path, which always stimulates the mind.
      I must admit that I was amused to see some of my fellow simmers' comments still taking up for good ole FS9, because it's the one I, too, favor, technology be darned!
      I appreciate your further insights and Nels, Dominic,et.al. for providing the absolute best platform on the internet for flight-simming!
    1. stevewoods's Avatar
      stevewoods -
      To be honest if you still use FS2004 you're missing out on almost FIFTEEN YEARS of optimisation, technology and advancement.

      Do yourself a favour, accept that your "investment" is actually a "sunk cost".
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      Quote Originally Posted by stevewoods View Post
      To be honest if you still use FS2004 you're missing out on almost FIFTEEN YEARS of optimisation, technology and advancement.

      Do yourself a favour, accept that your "investment" is actually a "sunk cost".
      You must be new here … there's always been a large, loyal and happy community of FS2004 flightsimmers. Take a look at HJG, for example, and you''ll see what I mean. FS2004 there is alive, well, and providing lots of great flights with new planes, panels, and activity. Myself, I'm still having fun, and see no need to change, with my FSX rig, despite so much hype from zealots and some vendors about newer alternatives. The key value for a hobbyist like me is enjoyment, not latest-greatest technology or "my joystick is newer, bigger than yours" posturing. I think you must have missed part of Wycliffe's good advice.
    1. johndoe12345's Avatar
      johndoe12345 -
      Enjoy whatever platform that you use and as he (Wycliffe) articulated, you are the one to make that decision. I've tried them all, and have come back to a customized version of FS9. It even works in windows 10!

      Great perspective!
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