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    Socata TB-10 And TB-20

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    The first time I saw a TB-10 at Biggin Hill back in the 70's, I remember thinking how wrong it looked with its vertical stabiliser mounted well forward of the horizontal surfaces (sorry stabilator). The strakes under the fuselage appeared to the uneducated eye to be placed there to eradicate some terminal flying traits. However, closer examination of the interior made it apparent that this was apparently a comfortable mode of transport, with its slightly reclined seating and its modern "sports car like" instrument panel, which made American panels look very old fashioned (they had not really changed for more than 60 years). Its clean lines and faired in wheels gave the impression it was a bit quicker than the average aircraft around back then, so I was determined to get a flight in one. However, it was not until quite some time later that the opportunity to experience the aircraft would materialise (flying a TB-20 to Cherbourg) and that happy experience sticks with me to this day. It is a sweet handling, comfortable, go-places aircraft and its trailing leg undercarriage smooths out the odd misjudged arrival or uneven grass airfield.

    Just Flight Socata TB-10 and TB-20


    The SOCATA TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad are GA (General Aviation) aircraft with spacious and comfortable cabins manufactured by French aircraft company SOCATA. The letters TB within the designation stands for Tarbes, the French city where the aircraft are manufactured. More recently, the company was known as EADS SOCATA, DAHER-SOCATA and since 2015 just DAHER.

    The aircraft provide seating for up to five people (the fifth person needs to be slim!) and have proved popular for touring and instrument training. The TB-10 and TB-20 are all-metal, cantilever low wing, single-engine aircraft with two 'gull wing' doors. Access to the baggage compartment is through a door on the left-hand side of the fuselage.

    The TB-10 is powered by a 180 horsepower (134 kW) Lycoming O-360 piston engine and is equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear. The TB-20's power plant is a 250 horsepower (186 kW) Lycoming IO-540 piston engine and the aircraft is equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear. Both aircraft are fitted with a two-blade constant-speed propeller. Fuel is carried in two integral wing tanks. The TB-10 carries a maximum of 55 US gallons (210 litres) of fuel, providing a range of 700 nautical miles, and the TB-20 carries a maximum of 89 US gallons (336 litres) of fuel, giving the aircraft a range of 1,100 nautical miles.

    Just Flight Socata TB-10 and TB-20     Just Flight Socata TB-10 and TB-20

    The vertical stabiliser consists of a fin, a rudder and a controlled tab. The horizontal stabiliser is of a stabilator type with an automatic anti-tab which can also be controlled through the pitch trim.

    The aircraft is equipped with a conventional three-axis surface system consisting of aileron, stabilator and rudder surfaces. Both front positions are equipped with a yoke which actuates the ailerons and stabilator through rods and bellcranks instead of the traditional cables with pulleys.


    Here I really do have to congratulate Just Flight, as the accompanying manual is once again, most comprehensive and well written. It's also very easy to jump from section to section - something a few other developers could learn from. As with all new aircraft purchases, I advise everyone to read the manual before kicking the tyres and starting the engine. By doing so it will help you understand some of the finer points of operating this aircraft!


    Whilst the outside is reasonably well detailed, I was disappointed by the lack of finish and reflections on the main body and wings, after all this was X-Plane 11, and not 12 year old FSX. It is as if the aircraft had an old flat paint finish, and seemed to lack the depth or 3D that X-Plane is famous for. It is a fair reproduction, but not as good as their Piper Arrow which showed patches of corrosion, peeling paint, etc. A nice touch though, is that when parked the aircraft have tie downs, chocks and several removable covers. The animation of the gull-wing doors, baggage door and other engine inspection covers (one even with the dipstick) are nicely done. There are six color schemes of each aircraft supplied, representing various aircraft from around the world.

    Just Flight Socata TB-10 and TB-20     Just Flight Socata TB-10 and TB-20

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