• HJG Mid Year Report


    Six months have elapsed since HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) last reported in regard to its FS activities, but during this time seven web site updates have occurred and within which an accumulative total of some 230 files have been released since March 2018.

    By far the majority of these latest release files are composed of new and updated textures .... featuring both current and defunct operators from all 4 corners of the globe .... and for its ever growing flightline representing classic ARJ/BAe, B707/B720/C-135B, B717-200. B727, B737, CARAVELLE, CONCORDE, CV-880, CV-990, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011, MERCURE, MD-80/90 jetliners .... all of which supported by customized effects, panels, and sounds .... but ... also including new/further updated 3D models for its new B737-300/400/500 series which were debut released during December 2017.

    None of these latest releases have been announced beyond the HJG web site forum "ANNOUNCEMENTS" page as follows:


    All this (and more) is "FREELY" available from HJG at the following web site address:


    Whilst work continues to advance in regard to other "NEW" HJG projects slotted for 2018 release.

    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      A fine group of folk. The only sad thing being is their reluctance to move forward from FS9 and embrace VC's. Though FS9 is still very valid.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      We'd love to be able to offer VC's too .... and maybe even court P3D compatibility also (most of what we offer is FSX portable though .... and if ever in doubt then just check with us), but, we're such a small group with such limited resources at out disposal that it's just not possible for us to be able to do so .... at this time. The free time of most of the key developers, and players, within HJG is already almost totally consumed in representing the group as it is and in regard to what it currently offers. Having said this though .... the MN MERCURE simulation currently hosted by HJG (not an actual HJG production) "does" feature a superb VC and is also offered as separate FS2003 and FSX versions.

    1. Nuhaid's Avatar
      Nuhaid -
      What about Boeing 707/720 AI models?
    1. lgoss's Avatar
      lgoss -
      P3D v 4 64 bit is already rapidly bringing people over from FSX, let alone FS9 which is now almost a 15 year old product. A shame as the HJG models, web site and community are great and sorely missed. Many independent modelers however are getting good at converting models to FSX native (a prerequisite in order to work in 64 bit P3D) and one would hope the HJG leaders would have no hesitation to give permission for this.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      We do already have an AI B707 project on the backburner .... to complement our already released AI DC-8 project, but, these things can only proceed in accordance with the availability (freetime) of the member who's project it is .... so .. ..no time frame .... and more-so given we've got other projects planned that must take priority too.

      As for the future conversions .... I can't commit to that at this stage .... other than to "suggest" that if any such co-operative agreement was ever formed then it would be dependent upon securing the approval of a multiplice of others (whom actually own the original data) "first" .... since not everything HJG currently offers was actually produced by HJG itself. It's not that HJG doesn't wish to do so .... it's just that doing so is a little more complex than may first meet the eye .... particularly in regard to source code that's no longer in existence and/or owners of it whom have since "passed-on" .... to the big blue FS platform in the sky.

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