• Rolling Cumulus - Back To The Amazon for FSX

    Rolling Cumulus - Back To The Amazon for FSX

    In the large Amazon Basin in Peru and Brazil almost a million people live in dozens of roadless cities of 3,000 to 70,000 and less residents. These settlements are wholly reliant on rivers and aviation.

    As an extreme example, take Ipixuna, one of the most remote towns in Brazil. Located on a major Amazonian tributary, Ipixuna is an incredible 2,820km by boat from the state capital, Manaus. During the dry season barges transporting fuels and non-perishable foods from Manaus can take more than a month to arrive.

    Aviation is indeed a lifesaver in many ways.

    You will be flying to Eight locations which need airplanes for their supplies and a safe way to transport people around the very dangerous rivers and jungle of Amazonia!

    Rolling Cumulus - Back To The Amazon for FSX

    • Eight flights to very small villages in the Amazon, never before seen in FSX/FSXSE
    • Bukini, Arara, Fraincap,Ipolungo, Amaril,Islalunga, Paralum, Tulata
    • All new scenery at villages
    • Complete maps with flying route
    • A complete adventure world for many hours of bush flying
    • Complete instructions
    • Bonus: download texture for freeware aircraft in our web site
    • Access to airports charts
    • Special "Virtualcol" Shorts 330-100 texture
    • New scenery at airports, many lighted at night
    • Four weather themes which can be used in any flight
    • Complete documentation and instructions
    • Can be used with any aircraft


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