• Peter Watkins Developer Interview

    Peter Watkins Developer Interview

    Conducted by Dominic Smith



    Peter, when did you start painting liveries and what initially got you interested in it?

    I started painting in June 2008 when I purchased the Abacus FS Repaint program. I only intended to do a couple of efforts for my own amusement and decided to paint Dave Molyneaux's FS2004 Miles Messenger. I put up a screen shot of my effort on the Britsim site (Classic British Files, as it was known back then) and the late Leif Harding who ran the site, asked me to upload the paint. I had always been an aviation enthusiast and used to make and paint many plastic model kits. It occurred to me that I could actually continue this interest in the flight simulation world.

    Peter Watkins     Peter Watkins

    When choosing a project, do you look for something challenging, or perhaps a livery which is eye-catching?

    I focus mainly on British aircraft or British-registered aircraft, although I have been known to deviate from this if I particularly like a certain non-British aircraft. Most paints are challenging in one way or another but I like to select liveries that are eye-catching and/or have a specific historical importance (such as Amy Johnson's Gipsy Moth).


    Peter, in the quest for realism, how far do you go when creating a livery? Are you the kind of artist who uses the correct font for an aircraft's registration for example?

    I will not paint a livery until I have thoroughly researched it for accuracy of colors, fonts, markings, patterns of camouflage and any badges, etc. I will not accept any guesswork and would rather not do a livery if I am not sure of its accuracy.

    When somebody asks for a fantasy livery, such as a Lufthansa livery on Concorde, is it something you'd consider, or do you stick solely to reality?

    I try to avoid fictional painting. There are enough painters who enjoy 'what if?' painting and that is fine. Personally, I think I have painted about three fictional aircraft liveries in eight years!


    When you choose a model to paint, do you think about what resolution the livery will be? Does this influence what type of aircraft you paint, i.e. texture definition pix/meter?

    I prefer to use the largest resolution possible, but mostly it is governed by the modellers paint kit. I do however resize texture files if necessary in order to portray finer details.

    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Have really enjoyed your repaints. Keep up the great work.

      Many thanks!

    1. miriam's Avatar
      miriam -

      Keep up the good work. I appreciated your help when I repainted a couple of Chipmunks a few years ago. Whenever you start repainting an aircraft I know I can look forward to a fine collection in terms of both quantity and quality. In short, I am a fan of your work good sir!

      Kenneth Kerr
    1. kalizzi's Avatar
      kalizzi -
      Absolutely love your repaints. Thanks for sharing and making available to all of us. Your work is highly appreciated. Keep them rolling. Cheers
    1. bmatt569's Avatar
      bmatt569 -
      Peter, it's obvious that yours is a work of love of the hobby. I've dabbled a bit with FS Repaint and have a few frustrations with that platform. I'm getting ready to take my efforts to the next level.

      What I'm saying here is that going through the steps that you have already taken, I'm finding a new appreciation for those of your caliber of repainters.

      Please continue to give the flight sim world the benefit of your experience and talent.


      Bill Mattson
    1. agnitfom2000's Avatar
      agnitfom2000 -
      I wasn't familiar with your repaints but now I will be looking for them! Really nice looking work. Peter, thanks for the work you have done and Nels, thanks for doing the article.

      David Allan
    1. peterwatkins2's Avatar
      peterwatkins2 -
      Many thanks for the kind comments. It is nice to know that my efforts are appreciated and it gives me encouragement to keep going!
      Peter W
    1. drmweaver2's Avatar
      drmweaver2 -
      I appreciate the totality of your contribution - from the inspiration to others, to the research and "construction" effort involved in each paint, to the overall dedication it took to learn all the programs involved and, of course, to the "ability" to do even a single paint project. I can honestly say that I tried it years ago, learned how difficult it is and eventually gave up - choosing to respect those like you.

      Thanks from a long time simmer just now returning to the simming world.
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