• Traffic Global Early Access - Now With GA Traffic

    Just Flight - Traffic Global

    Traffic Global, the latest and greatest instalment in Just Flight's Traffic series of AI aircraft add-ons, is currently available as an Early Access edition.

    Traffic Global features thousands of individual commercial airline AI aircraft that have been built from the ground up to provide unprecedented levels of realism and immersiveness. The traffic database which powers the AI flights is sourced from the same suppliers that power many of the popular 'flight tracking' apps and web sites, thus providing our most realistic representation of real-world airport traffic yet.

    Since its release earlier this month interest and demand has been great, our development team have been busy listening to feedback, improving the product and up until now there have been three updates already released. The latest update which was incorporated into the full build last week (Friday 25th) sees the first stage of general aviation AI traffic added to the product. Many other items are addressed in the latest build and the plans are for another update soon. All of the details for this update can be found here.

    Pricing for Traffic Global Early Access is £27.99 / €34.95 / $41.99 (The final release version of Traffic Global - after the Early Access period has ended - will be priced at £34.99 / €43.95 / $52.99.) A discounted price of £24.99 / €31.20 / $37.49 is available for eligible owners of Traffic 360.

    All the details about the product can be found here:


    All users of the product get access to the Traffic Global forum where ideas and new features can be discussed directly with other users and the main developers.

    1. amberdog1's Avatar
      amberdog1 -
      It is recommended to disable your A/V prior to installation. I have Avast and that caused a kerrnal32.dll error when I tried to run the program after install. I uninstalled, rebooted, diactivated Avast, then reinstalled TG. It works fine so far.
    1. dburnsathome's Avatar
      dburnsathome -
      This product is not ready for use. Tons of bugs yet to fix.
    1. dcmair's Avatar
      dcmair -
      When you fly out of KDAL or KFLL you won't find any Southwest Airlines.. They are pretty solid on US main stuff, and Europen stuff.. No Sun Country out of KMSP either that flys into the caribean. That should be an owner update, not extra, especially if you have bought some other stuff from Just Flight.
    1. longbreak754's Avatar
      longbreak754 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dburnsathome View Post
      This product is not ready for use. Tons of bugs yet to fix.
      That is because, as the thread title states, it is still in development. Taking part in early access schemes is entirely voluntary and ANY early access program will always have issues but that is one of the reasons they exist - it allows the developer to get very early feedback on such issues from users so that they can address them. No matter how much in-house testing is done there is always likely to be some missed issues. The early access program helps to reduce such issues and can, in some circumstances, 'force' a developer to include some popular content from similar products that they have previously created.
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