• In Development: Wings Over The Reich By OBD Software

    Wings Over The Reich

    OBD Software, known for their previous sim "Wings Over Flanders Field", announces that development continues unabated on "Wings Over The Reich" (WOTR) and they are closing in our their first goal of completing "Phase 1" to be released in 2018.

    Our aim: to produce a WW2 combat flight simulator that exceeds our epic, immersive, definitive WW1 combat flight simulator. To boldly go where no sim has gone before... To seek out new scenarios, new single player experiences, and totally immersive dynamic campaign systems.

    Wings Over The Reich

    Expanding on OBD's extensive new software systems as developed for our leading WW1 flight simulator "Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition" Wings Over The Reich will encompass: AI, Damage Modelling, Flight Modelling, Dynamic Immersive Campaigns, and a Living World Model. As well as new software systems currently under development including Radio Communications and Intercom Systems as specifically required for WW2.

    Wings Over The Reich

    Fly and fight in a fighter squadron or a bomber squadron and experience World War II in the air as never before. Culminating in the extensive devastation of Europe by the day and night bombing raids. See towns and cities reduced to rubble over time. "WOTR" will be released in phases (as was WOFF) to achieve the above goals over the next few years. Update: Phase 1 is currently slated for release in 2018 (subject to change as required). OBD's Visual Terrain Systems together with Ankor's optimized Shader Systems render a dynamically lit world and 3D models to realise environments that are truly immersive and representative of the current state of the art.


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