• Review: Orbx - Germany South

    Review: Orbx - EU Germany South

    By Nigel Porter

    Orbx - Germany South

    I have always been a fan of the Orbx airports; my collection started off with just about all the Australian ones - I particularly liked Melbourne and Brisbane, but the smaller ones were also very atmospheric. I was quite saddened by their announcement a few years ago to not continue with the larger airports, but realised that they had been pushing the limits of FSX and its memory issues for too long. Nonetheless, I followed them into the PNW, but as atmospheric as their small airports were, I was missing flying the big stuff.

    At this point I chose to re-evaluate what I wanted from my simulator; the costs were getting ever higher, and, being a retired pilot, I was looking for a simulation that was as real as possible. This new direction immediately made me look at the general scenery of Orbx outside the airports, and I was not impressed - roads starting and ending in the middle of nowhere for one thing. So I jumped camp and went into photo-scenery, and removed most of my Orbx collection. It has always been a mystery to me why Orbx chose to do the scenery the way they do, rather than use photo-scenery as a base, but that is best addressed to them directly.

    Orbx - Germany South

    A couple of years went by, and during that time, I had decided to concentrate on Europe for my flying, and although Orbx made some excellent airfields within the UK, their main scenery of the United Kingdom portrayed the same faults that I had seen elsewhere, and in my opinion, detracted from the immersion of the experience.

    My head was turned however, when I saw the recent release photos of Innsbruck. Here at least, there appeared to be a change of direction - Orbx, like before, was pushing the boundaries with a closer tie (or mix) of photo-scenery, and this appeared to be confirmed with the release of Bilbao. So it was with a great deal of anticipation that I awaited the release of Germany South, as it was a region that I did not have in my photo-scenery collection.


    I downloaded the zip file of Germany South from the Orbx site, but could not figure out how to install it, so was forced into installing their FTX Central to install the scenery. Personally I am not a huge fan of this system because, should Orbx close for whatever reason in the future, products that have been purchased will no longer be available. However, upon installing FTX Central, the installation worked well, and even quite rapidly. It also recognised the fact that I had both FSX and P3Dv4 on the same drive and offered to install it into either product, or both.

    Orbx - Germany South

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