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    VC10 Jetliner

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    The VC10 was a jetliner built by Vickers-Armstrong from 1962 until 1970 with the last model retired in 2013 by the Royal Air Force. Despite a small number being built, the aircraft was known for its elegance and speed, still holding the record for the quickest transatlantic flight in a sub-sonic aircraft at 5 hours and 1 minute.

    Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner     Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner

    Just Flight recently released their own version of the aircraft for FSX and P3D, and in this review, I will be going through the aircraft as well as looking at the features that have been included.

    Aircraft Specification

    • Crew: 4 (Captain, First Officer, Flight Engineer & Navigator)
    • Length: 158 ft 8 in (48.36m)
    • Wingspan: 146 ft 2 in (44.55m)
    • Height: 39 ft 6 in (12.04m)
    • Empty Weight: 139,505 lbs (63,278 kg)
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 334,878 lb (151,900 kg)
    • Powerplant: four Rolls-Royce Conway Mk 301 Turbofan

    Aircraft Performance

    • Range: 5,850 miles (9,412km)
    • Service Ceiling: 43,000 ft (13,105m)
    • Max Cruising Speed: 580 mph (933 km/h)

    Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner     Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner

    Download And Install

    Like all Just Flight aircraft, installation of the VC10 Jetliner is rather simple. When installing the VC10 from FSPilotShop, you are given an unlock key and a ZIP file. The ZIP file only contains a sole item, the aircraft installer itself. Run this file, select your chosen simulator, input your unlock key, and the rest of the install will be completed.

    Once installed, the Just Flight folder will appear in your FSX root directory. Within it is a folder entitled 'VC10 Jetliner' which includes a 76-page PDF document, a tutorial flight folder and a paint kit allowing users to add their own liveries on top of the ones that have been provided.

    Exterior Model

    The exterior modelling of the VC10 looks fantastic. Just Flight put a lot of detail into the aircraft through the use of a very detailed model and bump mapping throughout.

    Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner     Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner

    One thing everyone remembers about the VC10 was the shape of it, smooth, elegant and smart. This really comes across in the Just Flight model as looking at the aircraft you can see how the nose of the aircraft is shaped along with the vertical stabiliser, with the front portion of it rounding off fairly far forward into the body. The four engines are also accurately mounted with the cowling each holding two engines, with a vent at the top and bottom of engines one and four for the reverse thrust exhaust to slow the aircraft down. (The VC10 only had two engines capable of reverse thrust, engines one and four. These include a vent for the thrust to escape, and a small hatch that closes to stop creating forward thrust.)

    I personally really like the detailing on the wings of this aircraft. Each individual slat, flap and structural strut has been modelled, giving us a very nice looking model. Raising the speed brakes also reveals some more details within the wing such as the hydraulics lifting the panel up and some more of the structure and support beams inside.

    You can also see a single row of passenger seats by the windows, with a texture then behind that showing the interior of a plane. It's a rather simple way of doing this, and a rather obvious one too, making it a bit of a gimmick with this aircraft. You aren't however spending the entire flight looking through the passenger windows, meaning I think we can let this slide.

    Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner     Just Flight Vickers VC10 jetliner

    A total of ten liveries have been included with this add-on, the majority from BOAC and British Airways with different tail codes and paint jobs depending on the era. The liveries included are as followed.

    • British Airways G-ARVM (circa 1976)
    • British Airways G-ARVM (red tail)
    • BOAC G-ARVF (circa 1964)
    • BOAC G-ARVC (circa 1966)
    • BOAC G-ARVC (circa 1974)
    • Gulf Air A40-VI
    • Gulf Air A40-VK
    • Just Flight house livery
    • Nigeria Airways 5N-ABD
    • Government of the United Arab Emirates G-ARVF

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    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      The VC-10 was vastly underrated and relatively unknown jet as the reviewer says because so few were sold and built. It's competitors (B707 and DC-8) were cheaper to run and the VC-10 did use a lot more fuel. The VC-10 however was built to also handle hot and high elevation airports in Africa with high loads and it performed this task very well. Mach 0.92 is a very high cruise speed for a commercial jetliner and not bettered except by the Concorde. It was well received by passengers and crews alike, it was quiet and smooth.

      I have this model and I am only now after a month or two really getting to appreciate it. The systems are well modelled and the cockpit textures and modelling is excellent. Not having a fully functional navigators station is not a big deal really. I am aware of the cockpit lighting issue however VC cockpit lighting is a difficult ask in any FSX model because it has to be created or reproduced by using a variety of textures to simulate internal lights at night. I do think the current setup is a good compromise but flood and instrument lighting is possible. As for the weather radar, I see no reason why a add on commercial radar such as the Captain Sim or Milviz radars could not be added in to replace the current traffic type display using the position as a place holder. I will do this myself later on when I have settled into the VC-10 and I am ready to have this feature. As for cabins, this is a perennial problem, difficult to do with a highly complex model and while it is a nice touch I do not see it is as being 'essential' after all we want to fly them not to be passengers up the back.

      I would say it is well done, very detailed, but is a little complex on some levels but that can add to the immersion factor. I have no regrets getting to know it or having it my hangar. Like something different then I would certainly recommend it, the VC-10 does grow on you.
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