• Perfect Flight - Ultimate Douglas DC-3 Simulation

    Perfect Flight - Ultimate Douglas DC-3 Simulation

    Here is the complete representation of the Douglas DC-3, a fixed-wing propeller-driven airliner with tailwheel-type landing gear.

    Prior to the development of the DC-1/2/3 series, scheduled air travel was noisy, relatively uncomfortable, and something that could only be afforded by the wealthy. The DC series changed all that by providing comfortable, relatively fast and reliable air service.

    What's more, the planes were easily converted to military use by adding a reinforced floor and a cargo door. As such, it was pretty much the primary cargo type for the US and Allies during WWII with thousands built. These planes also formed the basis for renewed passenger air transport after the war as surplus C-47s were dumped on the market at a pittance. Many companies were formed to convert ex-military planes into passenger liners. Even today, decades after the plane first entered service, there are DC-3 and C-47s flying in third tier passenger service some place in the world.

    Perfect Flight - Ultimate Douglas DC-3 Simulation


    • Complete Douglas DC-3 aircraft package with extra option, high detailed texture for a complete representation of the most interesting color scheme. All repaints are taken from real planes, as well. The plane has also realistic stereo sounds.
    • Missions Pack - Missions features flight briefing, cabin preparation (frequencies, autopilot, etc.), step by step checklist procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking) with prompt menu. Crew announcements, speed calls and restriction, captain speaking, GPWS and much more!
    • Liveries. Product also includes a complete set of DC-3 paint schemes:
      • Royal Air Force, Aer Lingus, Austrian Airlines, Buffalo, Delta Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Air France, Dakota Norway, Pacific Galactic, Polar / Alfred Wegener Institute, Spectrem Air, Swiss Air Lines
    • PES - (Passengers Entertainment System) - Missions also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), fully customizable with own sound tracks. At the cruising altitude, a prompt menu will appear with PES options. New and unreleased soundtracks included.
    • Complete documentation. Product includes airport info and charts for all destinations and a useful User Guide with detailed instruction to learn how to fly the Douglas DC-3

    Perfect Flight - Ultimate Douglas DC-3 Simulation

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    1. diergaarde's Avatar
      diergaarde -
      Why? The community already got the almost perfect totally freeware FSX/FSX-SE/P3D DOUGLAS C-47R SKYTRAIN V3.14 BETA. Do we need another payware DC3?
    1. smyers's Avatar
      smyers -
      This one is a DC-3, with a port side passenger door, not the C-47 cargo door as on the Jahns Skytrain. It looks like a passenger interior, too, not the military interior. Much better for civilian repaints.
    1. DCA996's Avatar
      DCA996 -
      Does the Sperry work?
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