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    United DC7: During our review of our United Airlines schedules, we added 32 DC-7 Red Carpet Service flights. These flights, all First Class, flew from Chicago and Detroit to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. These flights were the highest level of service offered by United in the late 1950's. Everyone dressed in suits and tie, the drinks were free and the food was outstanding. On Red Carpet flights, you knew you were something extra special!

    Northwest DC-6B: We have added domestic flights using Northwest DC-6B's. These aircraft allowed Northwest to offer mixed class and coach service at affordable ticket prices. The DC-6B allowed for fast, pressurized flights on both long and short flights, so economical was the aircraft to operate. Northwest DC-6B's played a significant role in making Northwest a true major airline.

    PanAm 727: HAG has introduced PanAm 727 flights. When deregulation hit in the 1970's, PanAm needed an established domestic route system, and fast. National Airlines was in bankruptcy, yet their hubs closely matched PanAm's, and overnight PanAm got the domestic feed they needed when they purchased National.

    Qantas Constellations: After WW2, Qantas went international, connecting their continent with the world by air, and the Constellation was the airliner of choice. HAG now offers both domestic and international flights using the Qantas L1049.

    Seven Seas Cargo DC8/DC6: Our very own freight business, Seven Seas Cargo, continues to grow. We've just added new military contract flights using the DC-8. We also have plans to offer military contract passenger flights using Seven Seas DC-6B's in the near future.


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