• Review: TFDi Design BalsaX

    Review: TFDi Design BalsaX

    By Michael Hayward

    Balsa X from TFDi Design

    The balsa wood plane for many years has been a cornerstone toy for all young aviation pilots all over the world. Played with by people of all ages, today TDFi Design have released their own rendition of the aircraft. In this review, I will be taking a first look at this aircraft and talk about all of the features that this model includes.

    Aircraft Specification

    • Length: 25cm
    • Wingspan: 15cm
    • Height: 7.5cm
    • Empty Weight: 200g
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 200g
    • Powerplant: Rubber Band Propeller Power!

    Aircraft Performance

    • Range: 10ft
    • Extended Range: 25ft
    • Rate of Climb: Whatever angle you throw it at
    • Service Ceiling: 40ft
    • Max Cruising Speed: However fast you throw it

    Balsa X from TFDi Design

    Download And Install

    For this aircraft, you will need to head over to the TFDi Design web site and create a free account over there. Once you have made an account, head over to the product page where you can add it to your shopping list, input your details and purchase the aircraft for your account. You will then be redirected to a download page where you can then obtain the aircraft and add it to your simulator folders. No product key is required, showing the level of trust that TFDi Design has with their user base.

    For this day only, there is a special offer where newcomers to the site may even actually get this aircraft for free! But you gotta time it just right for that.

    Balsa X from TFDi Design

    Exterior Model

    The beauty of the balsa wood plane definitely shows within this package as the aircraft is an outstanding representation of what you would find in the real world! The wood is beautifully laser cut from the balsa wood sheet with each line and cutting beautifully recreated in their model. The precision of the wing as it fits into the body shows that the people behind this model were dedicated to making this the best that it possibly could be. I'm no 3D modeller myself, but when I see a fantastic design such as this, I can only think about how long it would have taken to ensure that with this level of detail, meaning the user is receiving a top of the range product with absolute dedication from the developers.

    Textures are also done to a 4K resolution meaning each line in the wood is also visible to the user, fitting suitably with the flight simulator environment.

    For those that would also like to paint their own aircraft, there is also a download link available for the texture pack meaning you can customise the body with everything your childhood ever wanted.

    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Brings back plenty of childhood memories...

      A must have download and a worthy addition to your virtual hangar :-)
    1. flightsimg's Avatar
      flightsimg -
      April's fool?!
    1. mrzippy's Avatar
      mrzippy -
      Quote Originally Posted by flightsimg View Post
      April's fool?!
      No kidding!
    1. danwelle's Avatar
      danwelle -
      I want one!
    1. flightsimg's Avatar
      flightsimg -
      "No kidding! "

      Well, you won't believe me in turn, but that's a one I had when a kid in France. It worked by screwing the propeller which in turn screwed a rubber band! And the rubber band released gave power to the plane!

      And the other part of that story is amazing too. One day, playing with my friends, the plane went too high and too far, and crossed the wall of the army's barracks we lived close too. That was a great dismay to loose our plane. But after some time, the plane crossed the barracks' wall back. It was certainly a soldier who had seen our lost, and who had catched how the balsa plane was working. And he returned the plane to us. Great memory!
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