• X-Plane 11 Now Serving 11.20b1

    X-Plane 11 flight simulator from Laminar Research

    X-Plane 11.20b1 is the first beta that includes non-VR improvements. Full release notes are here, but a non-comprehensive short list of the most exciting additions is:

    • Gateway airports
    • Terminal Kit additions
    • Customizable Jetway Kit
    • Custom landmark pack for Sydney, Australia
    • Better syncing of aircraft location in multiplayer and external visuals
    • Improved night lighting textures in far views

    Formation flying: this beta includes Jorg's new code to improve network sync, both for external visuals and multiplayer/formation-flying. X-Plane now calculates the total latency between machines and adjusts network aircraft to compensate, with error correction. This means you see your friend flying where he is, not where he was when X-Plane sent an aircraft position update over the wire 100 ms ago.

    Night lighting: X-Plane's night lights come from the autogen, but for performance and memory reasons, X-Plane doesn't build autogen far from the aircraft. Petr has added night lighting textures for the far view to fill in the night sky.

    Steam users: the beta will be up on Steam over the weekend if we don't find any major problems.

    This is going to be a relatively short beta - most of the technically risky stuff went into the VR previews. We still have a plugin bug with fuel flow to fix, and Linux performance problems to investigate. Third party authors: please try your add-ons on an 11.20 beta soon.


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    1. jgm8806's Avatar
      jgm8806 -
      Active ATC yet?
    1. FlyingDragon's Avatar
      FlyingDragon -
      Made the jump to Steam X Plane 11 yesterday.
      Will never fly P3Dv4 or FSX again. Deleted everything related.
      Smooth performance, crisp graphics. Nvidia 970 GTX
      What an amazing sim.
      Very happy.
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