• Nemeth Designs - Mil Mi-24A Hind-B

    Nemeth Designs - Mil Mi-24A Hind-B

    The Mi-24 was developed from the Mi-8 multirole transport helicopter and was first flown in V-24 prototype form in 1969. The definitive initial production variant was the Mi-24D Hind-D. This introduced heavily-armored, stepped cockpits and an under-nose gun turret. This gunship has a crew of three and can carry up to eight fully-equipped troops.

    The Mi-24A was the second production model of the "Hind" series helicopters. The Mi-24A (Hind-B) entered Soviet Air Force service in 1972 and has been exported to a few countries before it underwent a cockpit redesign that resulted in the distinctive look it is most famous for. It's capable of 310 km/h in high-speed cruise, 750 km maximum flight distance and 12,500 kg maximum takeoff weight.

    This add-on represents the "Mi-24A Hind B" variant.

    Nemeth Designs - Mil Mi-24A Hind-B


    • Detailed exterior and interior models
    • Realistic system implementation and visuals
    • Hundreds of custom animations on the exterior and interior models
    • Night cockpit lighting
    • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit
    • 3D animated instruments
    • Next gen glass and rain effects (P3D only)
    • Three authentic liveries
    • Based on original blueprints, documentations
    • PDF manual

    Nemeth Designs - Mil Mi-24A Hind-B

    Compatible with FSX with Acceleration, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D v4.

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    Nemeth Designs - Mil Mi-24A Hind-B cockpit

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