• Op-Ed: Was Microsoft Flight Really That Bad?

    Microsoft Flight released to the world on February 29th 2012. Unfortunately though, it wasn't too well received by the flight simming community and within a year, Microsoft stopped developing for the game in July 2012 before cancelling all support and shutting down Flight's multiplayer servers on October 14 2014.

    One major factor to why I believe it failed was down to the fact that being the only major release of a flight simulator in six years after FSX, it gained too much hype for what it actually was, among many other reasons I do explore.

    In this video, I look deep into the simulator itself and answer the question to whether or not this simulator really was as bad as it initially was.

    Michael Hayward
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    1. britfrog's Avatar
      britfrog -
      I dont know what pair of rose tinted glasses this guy was wearing because they can turn a total loser into something not bad.
      Well before flight was released anyone who had been a sim enthusiast for some time could tell from the publicity shots , that this was going to be a turkey. And the sites around the world were full of criticism. Yet microsoft did not listen and pushed on with this loser. A sign of what they were producing " a game" sent shudders down the backs of every simmer around we dont play a game everyone said we use a simulation, but still M.S. didnt listen , Is this ringing alarm bells dovetail???? more publicity photos and a video were released which further reinforced the fact that Flight was a turkey . Yet again M,S. didnt listen so when it became close to release they foraged around the sim scene for a few well known site owners and publishers to witness Flight before release so they could paint a great picture of how good Flight was. Despite several pages of glowing reports anyone with any modicum of intelligence could see that a turkey was a turkey no matter how you talked it up . It had nothing going for it any 5 year old would have got bored after 5 minutes , it wasnt a simulation that was for sure , and it wasnt even a good game either. what made it worse was the fact that there was precious little scenery available for it and no aircraft because M.S. in their infinite wisdom wanted devs to sell their products through M.S. so it didnt take a great brain to figure out that wasnt going to happen and it didnt, sound familiar dovetail?? they could not even give it away in large quantities it was that bad! So bad managment once again showed that not listening to the public was not the way to go just like they did when they closed down Aces and stopped development on FSX. I am sure M.S. are very proud of getting rid of their best selling simulation that had been going since the 80's. After Flight was binned I felt very sorry for a few of the well known site owners that had been paid to release complimentary reports on Flight because ever since then I doubt they were ever taken seriously again.
    1. pinkyjr's Avatar
      pinkyjr -
      I agree. FS Steam is another turkey.
    1. fsblibli's Avatar
      fsblibli -
      Don't think, that this is a rose tinted view of the sim. Certainly MS did some major mistake by trying to make money with the sim (btw is this wrong?). Of course it was very poor management that showed extremely little knowledge of the community. However Flight showed some improvements and although it was limited and game-like still had some interesting looks on offer. Nothing that would keep a real simmer going for very long but certainly it was a big step ahead from default FSX looks. That's what the video is pointing out and I think Michael is quite right.
    1. andyjohnston's Avatar
      andyjohnston -
      For what it was, Flight was a *great* little sim. If they had given people what they really wanted, which was access to heavy irons and whatnot, it would've gone over great. The scenery (which was limited) was fantastic.

      You can get it from one of the other sites completely free with everything unlocked and you can import the default FSX scenery library so you can fly GA anywhere in the world. People have also got aircraft such as the Beech Baron working in it.

      Also, contrary to what the video says, there were some plopped runways.

      I've always been disappointed it didn't go over better, but some people refused to accept anything that wasn't MSFS.
    1. grayfly1's Avatar
      grayfly1 -
      Personally I still get very much pleasure from the tried and tested 2004. Great scenery easily available and runs well on an average computer. There again I also bought FS 2000- took it back after 3 days!!
    1. scottharmes6's Avatar
      scottharmes6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by fsblibli View Post
      Don't think, that this is a rose tinted view of the sim. Certainly MS did some major mistake by trying to make money with the sim (btw is this wrong?). Of course it was very poor management that showed extremely little knowledge of the community. However Flight showed some improvements and although it was limited and game-like still had some interesting looks on offer. Nothing that would keep a real simmer going for very long but certainly it was a big step ahead from default FSX looks. That's what the video is pointing out and I think Michael is quite right.
      Trying to make money was certainly not wrong, I think it was just the "in app purchasing" model they used which wasn't popular. The software was designed to garner new users to flight simulation (according to MS Flight comments) but it didn't appeal enough to existing users or new users.
    1. azzaro's Avatar
      azzaro -
      No comment. Two solid years of this pointless bickering was enough for me.
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      GFWL (Games for Windows Live) is what killed MS Flight for me. Could only run MS Flight once and after that had endless problems connecting and running the sim. I liked the little bit of MS Flight that I saw back then (and largely agree with above video), but if you have a piece of nonsense software always interfering, it is never going to fly, no matter how good the sim is. Same reason I avoid FSX/P3D add-ons with DRM registration.
    1. Barkingside's Avatar
      Barkingside -
      If had been made by someone other than MS it would possibly have been OK and gone on to greater things. However we expected more from Microsoft.
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
    1. Brospeedster's Avatar
      Brospeedster -
      I for one did not even try this Sim?????/Game - I was put off before it even got that close.
      Yes it was a GAME not a SIM, and that was the start.
      For me part of the joy of simming is there are lot of very talented amateur developers out there, and having a public SDK encouraged that process. That made a "community" for simming - Games have a different ethos.
      Also of course, although many will, I am not in the least interested in Playing on line. I will network with my friends, but I don't need to use GFWL (Games for Windows Live) to do that, which was again a big problem.
      It's a great shame. I have followed Flight Sim ever since it belonged to Sub Logic, whose intention was to digitise the world.
      Shame a lot of that enthusiasm and expertise was lost on the way.
      Like GrayFly1, I still use and get a great deal of enjoyment using FS2004.
    1. Crazyclown's Avatar
      Crazyclown -
      FACTOID : the Fact they expected Simmers & Gamers to Pay for every little Chunk of Earth to FLY around in, was a total joke, and "IF" you added it all up price wize, a Simmer could end up easily with a "Thousand Dollar" Game of medicore if that,,, scenery !

      Throw in the fact, there was very little "availability" if any to be able to use any "FREEWARE" Aircraft like those of Milton Shupes and other Quality Aircraft Designers & developers.

      That and the FACT the Aircraft that MS was offering was NOT very good or exciting and "LACKED" function and realism, compared to many Quality Freeware, and Payware aircraft.

      Could a Simmer actually Inject the Captain Sim 707 or 727 or 737 models into Flight ??????

      How about PMDG ??

      How about Carenado ???

      or Lionheart Creations Aircraft ????

      and the Add On Scenery, could a simmer "install & inject" loads of FREEWARE and or payware scenery into the sim from other developers , NOT sold thru MS ????

      ANSWERS ARE no - no - no - no !!!!

      Then that "GAME" they were "attempting to pass off as a Simulator" was destined to FAIL from the git go ~ !!!

      Coupled with "HYPE" and loads of utter "BS" from certain "HYPE ARTISTS" in the community !!!

      To Top it all off even further, it was NOT only poor management, but the "Poor lackadaisical Mentality", towards the rest of the Flight Simulator Community as a whole !!!

      What MS was attempting to do, secretly thinking you were stupid enough NOT to notice, was take a VW Volkswagen or 1980's YUGO Car and pass it off as a Full Fledged Cadillac, or a Luxury BMW, or Mercedes if ya wish ,,,,

      Guess what , the Dedicated hardcore Flight Simmers , weren't that Stupid & Naïve !!!! !!!
    1. Kyrelel's Avatar
      Kyrelel -
      Your comment sums up Flight perfectly. Looks impressive, but very little content
    1. Canadair's Avatar
      Canadair -
      Well, after watching this, it really feels nostalgic to realize FS franchise is over. However, I see no fault on Microsoft's part, except they weren't really open about their gaming branch closing. They tried to make a game, whereas what they had was in fact a proper sim. And off it went to LM. They did develop it though, matured it, before selling out.

      Things as old as the Flight Simulator don't just disappear. They go with a bang and a fallout. Flight being the fallout example. IL-2 Sturmovik is up there with Flight, but it's a fully developed game, so there is a fierce competition.

      Microsoft just had to cut out a cardboard game from the factory stock. Why they did it, idk. I'm guessing Flight Simulator reached theoretical limitations.
    1. RatRace's Avatar
      RatRace -
      I liked MS Flight (period)
    1. flight_simmer's Avatar
      flight_simmer -
      I never played it when it came out. Bought a copy for maybe a Fiver on Steam so I could get FSW for free when it came out. I did fly in it for a bit and still have it installed. I actually learned a few things from this video that I eventually would have found on my own if I had given it a chance. I think that's probably true with everyone. For whatever reason -- limited area of the world, limited aircraft (no jets), and a more "game" looking interface than the game we all like to call a simulator now -- it was never given a chance. Thanks for the video.
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      Quote Originally Posted by pinkyjr View Post
      I agree. FS Steam is another turkey.
      What? FSX Steam is a big improvement over FSX in terms of performance. It fixed the memory leaks (reducing OOMs dramatically) and smoother graphics (no need for tweaks). Certainly not a turkey.

      As for Flight it was hopelessly misconceived. Not exciting enough to please gamers and far too limited to please simmers.

    1. TightGit's Avatar
      TightGit -
      The moment anyone, person or company, refers to Flight Sim as a game, I'm off!
    1. widowmaker320's Avatar
      widowmaker320 -
      In my opinion, Yes..it really was 'that bad'
    1. gallen144's Avatar
      gallen144 -
      I thought there was a lot of good in Flight, but there were many deficiencies as well. I was a beta tester coming from real world flying experience and a FS user since Bruce Artwick's version before Microsoft took it over. I appreciated Microsoft's intent to market Flight as an arcade style game, but it never grabbed me as the next generation flight simulation. None of my beta suggestions were ever incorporated (such as reporting the wind direction as done in most real-world aviation reports - wind coming from not wind blowing towards, or availability of a logbook). I was not disappointed when the plug was pulled.
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