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    Night XP UK And Ireland

    Publisher: Taburet

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    Rene Bruun

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    Being a keen X-Plane user, I am always excited to see an add-on which enhances the world of X-Plane, especially if that includes my local area (Ireland). Below is the developer's description from the store page...


    Night XP is a nocturnal scenery for those who like to live life at night, and for those who like to fly spectacular night scenery!

    We have blended existing X-Plane 10/X-Plane 11 scenery with nocturnal textures to bring the night world alive! Exactly as you would see it if you were to fly on a real plane at night, more specifically as a real pilot would see it at night!

    This title takes full advantage of the X-Plane scenery system and is very gentle on frame rates. It also works alongside any HD mesh, photo-realistic scenery, airport scenery, or any other scenery you would like to put on top of it.

    The installation is very easy and works with all Windows operating systems and Mac!


    The zipped file is just 82 MB in size and is a quick enough download. Once unzipped, you'll find 16 individual folders which have to be placed into your 'Custom Scenery' folder (it really is that simple to install). A PDF explains how to install the add-on and gives basic info about the scenery.

    It also advises the user that for the best possible results, your scenery settings should be set to EXTREME (gulp)!


    As mentioned above, there is a single PDF file which explains both installation and uninstall procedures. Being only two pages long, it's a relatively short read and is very easy to follow.

    Upon reading the PDF however, I noticed a glaring omission that hadn't been mentioned in the store description page; namely the system requirements: 1GB VRAM minimum, 2GB+ VRAM recommended.

    As my machine was below these requirements, I was not particularly optimistic about being able to use this add-on. Had these requirements been listed in the product description, it would have helped me decide on whether or not to purchase the product! However, not one to back down, I decided to carry on with the review.


    First off I fired up my X-Plane installation to take some screen shots of the default night textures.

    For reference, I am using a 2012 iMac, 12GB of RAM but (here is the big limitation), only a 512MB video card. When I originally purchased my Mac, I hadn't intended it to be a gaming machine, however, since joining the X-Plane community, I have found its GPU to be slightly lacking with high end add-ons (I won't make this mistake again with my next iMac).

    Because of the VRAM limitation, I have to set my objects settings in X-Plane's rendering options to 'tons', and 'texture resolution' to 'high'. HDR is a big no no, as my graphics card simply wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Taking off from Dublin (EIDW) in a Swiss 737-300, I climbed over the city and out to sea. Below are the screen shots of the default X-Plane night textures.



    As you can see, they are acceptable default textures. Of course, they would look nicer with HDR, but for me, they look fine.

    1. Sascha66's Avatar
      Sascha66 -
      I think the night textures look weird. Nothing at all like real life. Looks like glow randomly splotched over the textures.

      This is what e.g. Dublin at night should look like:

      And not providing system specs until after the purchase is probably illegal under EU customer protection laws regarding the digital market.
    1. raimondo2's Avatar
      raimondo2 -
      Good day all;
      First le me say to Rene; contact me at the email address included with the addon; we can sort things out.

      Regarding specifications;
      to be honest; if you follow the simulator manufacturing system requirements; you should not have issue with our addon; yes - that is exactly why we keep them as light as possible. In my honest opinion a 512 mb video card do not cut for XP11 + addon.


      Another factor is that NightXP is in simple words is a photorealistic scenery; there is no exception here; is a natural law - photorealistic either day or nocturnal looks best from Altitude, NightXP is not an exception; you really need 5000 ft to appreciate; but with a modest machine at higher settings you can get results even lower. Yep; we run this textures on a 40 m resolution to avoid system to have to upload to many textures.

      This is what e.g. Dublin at night should look like:

      Yes please ! we are not that far from that; Send an email to Laminar and ask to add some white bright lamps and Tombola !!

      I'm running xp11 on a i5 + 16 gb ram + 4 gb 1050 ti
      this is not exceptional or the best of systems out there; running at full settings; including a London very dense autogen not osm data layer; could not load the thing more than that; but it does a pretty good job; and I can see what NightXP is about.
      If you like to try photorealistic; never focus on a 10 m square; always look at the whole picture.

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