• Flysimware - Cessna 402C Businessliner v2.4

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    Changes In Revision 2.4 Include

    New Features

    • L R fuel flow warning lights now extinguish at around 1,200 RPM or 38 PSI hydraulic pressure.
    • ASI reference card updated for new "Airpeed Limitations Table". (Check
    • Kneeboard)
    • ASI background card texture updated to match new "Airspeed Indicator Table".
    • Attitude gauge updated with outer card now banks and upper pointer is now static.
    • Any door open now shows on annunciator warning light.
    • Ram air knob added for fresh air.
    • Gear warning for theses conditions: 1) Throttle below 20 percent with gear up. 2) Flaps 30 and beyond with gear up.

    Bugs & Updates

    • G load tolerance updated for new pitch control.
    • Auto start causes left fuel tank selector to go to all tanks and gets stuck. Fixed.

    Flight Dynamics

    • Pitch and Rudder control improved for realism.
    • Pitch stability improved for realism.
    • Major overhaul on the engine for accurate engine performance.


    Cessna 402C Utiliner/Businessliner

    The Cessna 402C Utiliner/Businessliner is a 6 to 10 passenger, light twin, turbocharged piston engine aircraft and was manufactured by Cessna from 1978 to 1985.

    Flysimware received some good help for making sure we could build accurate circuits to a proper flap assembly. Flysimware brings you one of our best products to date and pushing the quality and accuracy for a real world aircraft with a 360 degree 3D environment. This type of aircraft allows you to fly from remote locations to major airports or just about anywhere in anywhere in the world. Make room in your private hangar for this amazing model as you will enjoy this model for many years.

    Flysimware Cessna 402C


    • Real world specifications
    • Works for FSX and Prepar3D
    • High quality 3D gauges
    • HD textures / world reflections / specular effects
    • Self shadowing effects for interior model (DX10)
    • Custom sound set with a bonus sound module
    • Airspeed needle works for indicated and true airspeed
    • Custom XML coding for accurate gauges and animations
    • GTX330 transponder / GPS 530 / KR 87 ADF / KX 155 radios / FSX G2A DME
    • Weather radar is static (future updates might bring this gauge to life!)
    • High quality animated pilot with optional settings
    • High quality 4 stage propeller effects
    • Structural anti-ice system / anti-ice wing lights / prop anti-ice system / pitot heater

    Requires FSX with SP2 or FSX Acceleration or Prepar3D.

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