• Interview: Patrick Putlend/Canada4XPlane

    Canada4XPlane Developer Interview with Patrick Putlend

    Conducted by Dominic Smith



    Patrick, when did you start developing for X-Plane?

    I first started to get into flight simulators in the summer of 2016 - I had always planned on having a sim, but never really got into it until then. I was flying the default C90 in X-Plane 10, from Calgary to Vancouver, when I realized how limited the default scenery was in this area. Aiming to improve on this, I searched a few tutorials, and after getting used to WED, produced Canada4XPlane's first scenery. I have to admit, that scenery was extremely crude compared to what we are now able to produce!

    Can you tell us about the nature of your sceneries and what you try to focus on?

    We try to keep everything as close to the real world airport as possible. Many of the airports we have done, we have visited on road trips, or have seen while flying. Scenery development has also taught us a lot about how beautiful Canada is.

    Canada4XPlane     Canada4XPlane

    Out of all the sceneries you have created, what do you consider your best or most popular work?

    Personally, I like CYLW Kelowna, but I think our most popular airport would either be CYOW Ottawa, or YXE Saskatoon. They both feature wonderful custom ground textures, and custom buildings. Suffice to say, a lot of effort was put into the development of both.

    What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of scenery development?

    To be honest, I personally don't find anything challenging anymore, unless there is a mesh/elevation issue. Sometimes it can be fixed, and sometimes it can't. You just need to go through a large list of steps to find out if you can fix it.

    What have been your favorite scenery projects?

    My Favorite project would have to be either CYLW Kelowna, or CYKA Kamloops. I have visited both airports many times, both by aircraft and on the ground, and the approaches and scenery are always fun to experience.

    Canada4XPlane     Canada4XPlane

    What software packages and tools do you use to create your sceneries?

    As a team, we mainly use WED, SketchUp, and Gimp. We used to use Overlay Editor, but if you know X-Plane inside and out, WED works much faster.

    Who would you consider to be your mentors or inspiration in the development world if you have any?

    We don't really have any "mentors" but there have been many people along the road that have taught us both the good and the bad of scenery development. All of us at Canada4XPlane would like to thank them for all the help they gave us. It means a lot, as without their help, we wouldn't be here today!

    Canada4XPlane     Canada4XPlane

    Patrick, do you and the team develop payware/freeware sceneries, or both?

    Since the creation of Canada4XPlane, we have received plenty of emails saying that we should do payware scenery, but all of us in the team love the thanks and encouragement we get from other X-Plane users, and this down to the high standard of our freeware work.

    1. abarter's Avatar
      abarter -
      Nice interview with a heck of a good scenery designer. Thanks for work Patrick!
    1. FlyingDragon's Avatar
      FlyingDragon -
      Good interview! Patrick without your contributions I would never have jumped on X Plane 11. Thank you for everything you and your team do to make Canada come alive!
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