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    Pilatus PC-12 For X-Plane 10

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    Nils Lips

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    In the late eighties and early nineties, Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus developed a single-engine propeller aircraft for mainly corporate use. It was to be powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT-6A turboprop and capable of efficiently flying a couple of passengers from airfields of variable proportion, at a reasonable speed and altitude.

    Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12

    This single-prop corporate aircraft became the first purpose built civil aircraft of the company: the highly successful PC-12 - now in use with many private and corporate operators. Even some military operators, like the USAF, make use of this versatile aircraft (U-28A with USAF). Another well-known operator of PC-12's is Surf Air, operating a subscription based service across the United States.

    Pack Features

    Specific Type

    I am not fully familiar with this aircraft type. I suspect, looking at the features of this model, this aircraft is the PC-12/45 model, introduced in 1996, with a PT-6A-67B turboprop engine and MTOW of 4500 kg or 9920 lb. It definitely is not the later version with five-bladed prop or NG with new avionics upgrade. Carenado may have avoided dedicated modelling of a particular model or just decided not to mention the specific type of Pilatus PC-12 they recreated.


    Carenado has included the following documentation:

    • Credits
    • Recommended rendering settings (sparse)
    • V(velocity) References
    • Max cruise power and long range cruise performance tables
    • Checklist (Normal and Emergency)
    • Simple EFIS Guide
    • Version History

    Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12


    The Carenado PC-12 comes with six different liveries. Three FAA-registered aircraft, two German and one Swiss registered PC-12, all of which are high-definition.

    The installed package takes up about 490 MB of disk space.


    Like many of Carenado's creations, the aesthetics of the PC-12 are simply stunning. Highly detailed textures and a comprehensive 3D model give the aircraft a highly realistic appearance. The glossy, well-polished wooden cabin interior is especially pleasing. Stowable tables and the likes have all been nicely animated and the flight deck sun visors are a nice feature - it may take a short time to work out how to position them, but they work well once you do. The instrument reflections look nice and and give a good impression of cathode ray tube displays. Carenado's attention to eye candy is superb.


    As usual, Carenado has implemented some nice menu features. The interface enables you to change liveries on the go, open doors and display static elements, such as an electric tow-bar and pitot covers.

    Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12     Carenado - PC-12

    There is also a slider for adjusting the field of view; another useful feature. The interface also allows you to change the sound volume, which for me is extremely helpful as it means I don't have to go into Windows to change it.

    The mouse/cursor interaction is quite nice - it visualizes the options for interacting with a particular switch or button, which is helpful. Just watch what you're pointing at when scrolling though!

    Last but not least, the interface includes quick view buttons.

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