• Review: PA28R Arrow for X-Plane 11

    Piper PA-28R Arrow III

    Publisher: Just Flight

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    Bruno Esperanca

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    This review was done using X-Plane 11.11rc1 and Just Flight Piper PA-28R Arrow III v1.30 for X-Plane 11.

    Just Flight - Piper Arrow for X-Plane 11


    Piper introduced its Cherokee model as an alternative to its primary single-engined aircraft at the time, the Comanche. The Cherokee was designed as a simpler, less expensive alternative to compete with the Cessna C172, although some later versions included retractable gear and constant-speed propellers. The original Cherokees, the 150 (PA-28-150) and the 160 (PA-28-160) initiated production in 1961. The model generally refers to the horsepower of the engine.

    The Piper Cherokee came to be one of the most popular general aviation aircraft in the world and is an ideal aircraft for touring and instrument training. Current production numbers are over 32,000. The Cherokee Arrow line was introduced in 1967 and featured a retractable landing gear and constant-speed propellers. The Arrow III was introduced in 1977, featuring a semitapered wing and longer stabilator, which had proven to improve handling in lower speeds. Fuel capacity also increased from 50 to 77 gallons.

    Aircraft specifications (as per the included manual):


    • Length 7.5 m (24.7 ft)
    • Wingspan 10.8 m (35.4 ft)
    • Height (to top of tail) 2.4 m (7.9 ft)
    • Wing area 15.8 m2 (170 ft2)

    Just Flight - Piper Arrow for X-Plane 11     Just Flight - Piper Arrow for X-Plane 11


    • Type Lycoming IO-360 four cylinder, horizontally opposed piston
    • Power 200 horsepower
    • Propeller Three-blade, constant-speed, hydraulically actuated


    • Empty weight 1,612 lb (731 kg)
    • Maximum take-off/landing weight 2,750 lb (1,247 kg)
    • Maximum baggage weight 200 lb (91 kg)
    • Maximum useful load 1,148 lb (521 kg)

    Fuel And Oil

    • Fuel capacity 77 US gallons
    • Usable fuel 72 US gallons
    • Oil capacity 8 US quarts


    • VNE (never exceed speed) 183 KIAS
    • VNO (max. cruising speed) 146 KIAS
    • VA (manoeuvring speed) 118 KIAS (at 2,750 lb), 96 KIAS (at 1,865 lb)
    • VFE (max. flap speeds) 103 KIAS
    • VLE (max. gear extension speed) 129 KIAS
    • VSO (stall speed) 55 KIAS (landing configuration)
    • Service ceiling 15,000 ft
    • Range (max. payload) 697 nautical miles

    Just Flight - Piper Arrow for X-Plane 11     Just Flight - Piper Arrow for X-Plane 11

    1. andy thelin's Avatar
      andy thelin -
      cannot see tachometer or manifold driving me nuts
    1. BasHope's Avatar
      BasHope -
      Quote Originally Posted by andy thelin View Post
      cannot see tachometer or manifold driving me nuts
      Definitely an arguable design choice!!
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