• New P&W JT9D Sounds Packs Announced

    New P&W JT9D B747-100/200/300/SP & B767-200/300 sound packs for FSX and FS2004 announced.

    It was "the first" among the big high-bipass ratio turbofan jet engines developed for civil air transport.

    It powered "the earliest" among both 1st and 2nd generation wide-body jetliners which entered service during the 1970's and 80's .... transforming civil aviation around the world from the start of what became known as the "jumbo era".

    It produced almost twice as much thrust as the most powerful among preceding civil fanjet engines used on 1st generation narrow-body jetliners of the 1960's .... and for significantly less noise too.

    It was the great American jet engine of power, prestige, and promise .... the PRATT & WHITNEY JT9D turbofan .... which evolved throughout the 1970's, 80's, and 90's to spawn development of further advanced turbofan jet engine technology, and new civil jetliner types, of even superior performance.

    A now .... its voice has been captured, and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y reproduced, with an audio fidelity not previously offered for FS.

    Internationally reknown FS sound engineer Benoit Plamondon has pleasure releasing his latest projects ...P&W JT9D sound packs" for the B747-100/200/300/SP and B767-200/300.

    This project represents more than 2 years of development work.

    It's been compiled using only the very best interior and exterior real world recordings .... then fine tuned for exclusive compatibility with the POSKY B747-100/200/300/SP and Skyspirit2010 B767-200/300 "freeware", authored by Hiroshi Igami, and both of which are easily the very best 3D models of these particular aircraft currently available for FS.

    Each of these new "freeware" sound packs have been produced as separate aircraft type and "FS2004" and "FSX" specific audio versions.

    These sound packs are intended for those whom seek high-fidelity audio based upon what's heard from a "flightdeck perspective" .... with equally meticulously engineered external audio also added. What's heard on the flightdeck is quite different from the PAX cabin environment aboard any civil jetliner. For e.g .... when using this soundpack one will be treated to the predominant sound of flightdeck based avionics, and wind friction noise in proportion to simulated aircraft acceleration (with very little engine sound audible during cruise), and when selecting the flaps and landing gear one will primarily hear the "clicking" of associated levers and wind resistance noise .... along a whole lot more audio ambiance too.

    List Of P&W JT9D Sound Packs For B747-100/200/300/SP

    FSX only file name:


    FS2004 only file name:


    Audio Visual Preview P&W JT9D B747-100/200/300/SP "Flightdeck & External View" Sound Packs

    Interior Audio-Visual:

    Exterior Audio-Visual:

    List Of P&W JT9D Sound Packs For B767-200/300

    FSX only file name:


    FS2004 only file name:


    Audio Visual Preview P&W JT9D B767-200/300 "Flightdeck & External View" Sound Packs

    Interior audio-visual:

    Exterior audio-visual:

    These new sound packs are as good as FS audio ever gets.

    Each are now available for "free" download exclusively from FlightSim.Com.

    Use each of the above referenced file names .... or search Benoit Plamondon.

    Be sure to download either "FS2004" or "FSX" compatible sound packs in accordance with your own FS version of choice/use.

    Also currently in production and planned for future release are P&W 4000 sound packs for the Skyspirit2010 B767-200/300.

    Audio Preview B767 P&W 4000 Sound Pack

    Interior audio-visual:

    Exterior audio-visual:

    Please note: No release date is planned for these future productions ... all new audio projects are released "when they're ready".

    For information regarding other FS sound packs (currently available or under development) by Benoit Plamondon please refer to the following Youtube channel:


    1. coronado990's Avatar
      coronado990 -
      Outstanding work. Benoit Plamondon is the man for the classic airliner sounds. No question.
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      The man is a jet sound guru no doubt! Great Work!
    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
    1. hypnos08's Avatar
      hypnos08 -
      I have same model Hiroshi Igami 767 skyspirit2010 but the train front wheel don't turn the it only goes in a straight line , how to fix that? Appreciate your answer.
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