• FlightSoft Announces Valentines Bundles

    FlightSoft announces two spectacular Valentines Bundles for this Holiday Season including a retro title back to the past entitled:

    Valentines Day In Rome - The Romantic Lover's Getaway Bundle For FSX And P3D

    Pat Zoffreo, FlightSoft's President & CEO, is all excited about this fabulous `Valentines Day in Rome Lover's Getaway Bundle.' The bundle has some of our most popular titles including Fly to Italy FSX otherwise how could you get to Rome? FlightSoft has delivered a Valentines Getaway package that will appeal to beginners and advanced students alike.

    The Fly to Italy FSX product is joined by FlightSoft's flagship title Hong Kong FSX LIVE along with Fly to the Caribbean FSX and Asian Holiday Destinations FSX.A These four titles are massive in content and provide the simulation pilot with an enormous area of diverse coverage from scenic airports in Italy over mountains with lots of green valleys to Kai Tak International Airport and its memorable but dangerous IGS approach with that sharp right turn at the checkerboard.A FlightSoft has done the essential work in its design of this scenery project and PC pilots shouldA make use of this beautiful scenery to test their metal during theirA approach exercises to this historic airport.

    While Hong Kong FSX LIVE tests your metal in a dense urban footprint the Fly to the Caribbean FSX title takes you to Island airports in the Caribbean where downdrafts, crosswinds and other wind effects will force the pilot to consider the practice of crosswind landings and side slips during spectacular visual approaches to the island airports.

    We complete this bundle with Asian Holiday Destinations a vast product with getaway destinations to exotic Vietnam, Guam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan and much more. The airport arrivals are always a challenge whether immersed in IFR weather or a bright sunny day the approach is often over densely populated habitats and such approach profiles will provide you with plenty of opportunities to build technical facility in the different types of skills required during a complex landing to these diverse Asian airfields.

    Regular Retail Price: $183.85

    Special Valentine's Promotional Price: $45.00

    Purchase Here

    Valentines Day Whirlwind Holiday Getaway Bundle For FSX & P3D

    This brand new Valentines Bundle consists of a number of cosmopolitan getaway destinations including FlightSoft's Fly to Switzerland FSX, Fly to Italy FSX, Fly to Africa FSX and Fly to Greece & The Greek Islands FSX.A This four product Valentines Day Whirlwind Holiday Getaway Bundle is a remarkable collection of places and destinations that travelers fly to on their Valentine Day getaways including the vast mountainous regions of Switzerland with its beautiful lake front chalets and mountain airfields that challenge even the most important airfields in the world. The package comes with the European Jetliners Collection a group of the most popular airlines of Europe. Our modern MD10 cockpit panel is user friendly and its larger knobs and crystal clear instrument panel help pilots with all kinds of precision maneuvers in diverse instrument landing conditions.

    A The four product bundle also includes our massive FLY TO AFRICA FSX product that will challenge your visual landing skills with approaches to airports throughout the African continent with NDB and VOR beacons alone to help you navigate the airport visual approaches.

    FlightSoft completes the package with the Fly to Greece & The Greek Islands FSX for those Island getaways that will immerse you in those bright skies and emerald beaches as you navigate the visual approach profile to some of the most beautiful island resort destinations in the world.A You'll fly there on your Olympic Airways DC10 Jetliner complete with glass cockpit MD10 panel and the islands of Greece including those of Corfu, Santorini, and Athen's International Airport are just waiting for your rendezvous.

    Regular Price: $183.85

    Valentines Day Whirlwind Getaway Promotions Price: $45.00

    Purchase Here

    And all FlightSoft bundles priced at $45.00 and all single titles 50% off the regular retail pricing for a limited time only ... so head over to FS Pilot Shop and buy your Valentine a FlightSoft Valentines Bundle today!

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