• vFlyte Air - Piper Twin Comanche v1.3

    vFlyte Air - Piper Twin Comanche for X-Plane 11

    New Features Added In Version 1.3

    • Added ShadeTree Micro Aviation (STMA) AutoUpdate plugin - your Twin Comanche will now auto-update when loaded in X-Plane
    • Virtual Reality Ready! Changed all cockpit manipulators to be compatible with X-Plane virtual reality preview version 11.20vr1. The Twin is fully functional in VR, but may require more modifications before the X-Plane VR version is released
    • All new FMOD engine sounds created from actual Lycoming engine sound recordings
    • Saved-state preferences - your options and settings are now saved each time you exit X-Plane, and they will be restored when you reload
    • Added new storm scope instrument to panel (default X-Plane storm scope)
    • New control menu icon can be repositioned on screen - its position will be saved when you exit, and restored when you reload
    • Control menus can be resized and repositioned to your preferences - size and position will be saved when you exit and restored when you reload

    Fixes In v1.3

    • Autopilot bug fixes: Re-wrote pa30autopilot.lua script - autopilot modes were not engaging as expected in previous version, and autopilot was not responding to X-Plane commands. Autopilot is now more compatible with standard X-Plane datarefs, and keyboard/joystick-mapped X-Plane commands can be used. Compatible X-Plane commands are:

    • Autopilot pitch wheel can now be adjusted with PITCH mode off
    • Autopilot UP/DOWN pitch wheel manipulators were backwards (up/down arrows) - fixed
    • Fixed problem where the airplane would pitch up or down violently when dis-engaging the autopilot
    • "NAV SELECT" toggle switch now correctly switches between pilot and copilot as autopilot source
    • Directional Gyro now shows either NAV1 or GPS course - does not show NAV2/OBS2 course (use OBS2 for NAV2 navigation)
    • The slip ball on the turn/slip indicator was using the wrong dataref - fixed
    • The "bank" indicator on the turn/slip indicator should actually indicate the rate of turn, not the bank angle. Changed accordingly.
    • Fixed problem with COM2/NAV2 LEDs fixed (were too dim)
    • Ammeter was not indicating alternator bus load correctly - according to Piper owner's web site, the Piper ammeter should indicate the demand load on the alternator bus.
    • Knobs and buttons on the COM2/NAV2 radio were mis-aligned
    • COM2 inner knob not rotating when adjusted
    • Fuel pump sounds continued playing after battery and engine shut down - fixed
    • Wing objects were missing LIT textures
    • Corrected LIT datarefs for wing tips strobe and nav lights
    • Increased brightness of landing lights
    • "VFR" button on transponder now toggles between 1200 and 7000 for European compatibility
    • Added plugin code to set audio volumes of ADF, DME and Marker based on audio panel volume knob setting
    • Added plugin code to set audio panel to monitor ADF1 if BFO mode (tone mode) selected on ADF receiver
    • Added storm scope instrument to panel – customer request
    • Adjusted fuel consumption - fuel flow rates are now per the POH
    • Fixed a problem with the GNS530 right-side knobs - they sometimes would not allow user to scroll left or right enough to select characters
    • Cylinder #4 CHT needle fixed - was not registering a temperature
    • Adjusted nose wheel steering angles for low-speed and high-speed turning introduced in XP11.10

    vFlyte Air - Piper Twin Comanche

    vFlyteAir PA30 Twin Comanche

    The Piper PA30 Twin Comanche is 100% X-Plane 11 compatible. We purpose-built this model from the ground up to take advantage of all the new features of XPlane 11:

    • FMOD Sounds: We built the sound system using FMOD Studio and XPlane 11's new sound engine. Enjoy effects such as spatial 3D sound location, Doppler effects, custom interior and exterior engine sounds and a variety of different button, knob and switch clicks.
    • Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures for exterior and interior objects, to provide appropriate surface reflections and specular high-lights.
    • Interactive menu system with intelligent Check Lists, interactive Weight & Balance calculator, Pre- Flight Options menu and pop-up Power Settings table - our new graphical on-screen menu system features interactive user choices and selections.
    • Dynamic pilot and passengers - go to the Weight & Balance menu to add passengers and cargo for your flight. Your passengers will appear in the cockpit of the airplane as you increase their weights on the menu. Extra luggage will appear as you increase the luggage weight. The Total Weight and Center of Gravity dynamically change as you add weight to the aircraft.
    • Accurate Avidyne AXP340 Transponder with power-on boot screen, Pressure Altimeter display, Flight ID display, Altitude Monitor function, simulated ADS-B OUT, Flight Timer, Stop Watch Timer, and poweroff count-down timer. The AXP340 is the most realistic transponder simulation we've ever created.
    • Accurate Fuel System: Optional tip tanks are selectable from the Pre- Flight menu. With the optional tip tanks turned ON, the Twin Comanche has six (6) separate fuel tanks. X-Plane does not support separately selectable fuel tanks, so we wrote custom code that simulates running out of fuel on the selected tank. But don't worry! If you get close running out, we'll (optionally) flash a message on the screen to change tanks before you run out of fuel!

    vFlyte Air - Piper Twin Comanche panel

    • On-Screen Warnings and Notifications: 13 different warnings and notification messages will appear on the screen, depending on conditions and triggers. You can turn off the warnings and notifications from the Pre-Flight menu Options section.
    • "Pop-Out" Instruments and Gauges: several key gauges and instruments can be "popped out" of the panel for easier viewing - VR friendly!
    • Compatible with the RealityXP GNS530 (sold separately by Reality- XP.com) - we included a "RealityXP.GNS.ini" file that makes the Twin Comanche ready for the RealityXP gns 530W plugin.
    • And: Custom HDR interior and exterior lights with custom strobe flash sequence; Custom 3-D Propeller Effects with Prop Feathering; 12 Extra Hi-Res Liveries Included - and a custom Paint Kit is available for dowload so you can create your own livery.


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