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    When I first sat in a Cessna 207 and pulled back on the control column, I realised straight away that this was much more than an overgrown 172, it was a full two handed heave, and despite being over 6 feet tall, I could not see the ground or taxiway in front of me over the glare shield, gulp! What have I got myself involved in now I thought?

    Alabeo - Cessna 207


    The Cessna 207 is a seven seat version of the 206, achieved by stretching the design further by 45 inches (114 cm) to allow space for more seats. The nose section was extended 18 inches (46 cm) by adding a useful nose baggage compartment between the passenger compartment and the engine firewall; the aft section was extended by 27 inches.

    The 207 was introduced in 1969 featuring a Continental IO-520-F engine of 300 hp (220 kW). A turbocharged version was equipped with a TSIO-520-G of the same output.

    At the beginning of production the model was called a Cessna "Skywagon", but some years later was changed to "Stationair 7". In effect it was the equivalent of a 206 estate plane that could take six people and freight at the rear.

    The 207 added a seat in 1980 and was then known as the "Stationair 8", however the long range fuel tanks had to be sacrificed. A total of 626 Cessna 207s were manufactured.

    The Cessna Model 207 has been popular with air taxi companies, and small freight operators, especially in third world countries, and was used by many parachuting centers before the Caravan or Pilatus Porter came along.

    Alabeo - Cessna 207      Alabeo - Cessna 207


    As with all Alabeo products, once you have gone through the online payment procedure, you are sent a confirmation of payment by email, a product key, and a link to the download page, where you can download the zipped file. The installer asks for which simulator you want to install it to, and it all works very well and quickly, including P3D V4. Alabeo supplies you with two types of Cessna 207, the standard C 207 (with wheel spats/fairings), complete with five color scheme choices, and the bush model (no wheel spats/fairings and larger tires) also with the same five color schemes.


    Alabeo have a reputation of making great looking aircraft, and this is another superb example of what they are capable of. They have spent considerable time getting the aircraft to look realistic, from the aerial positioning, rivets, door hinges, window reflections, and undercarriage detail, to the cowl flaps. The detailing of the corrosion and scratches around the fuel tank caps is very true to life. Even the way it sits tail low is correct. Personally I would have liked to have had the ability to remove the rear freight doors so that the aircraft could be flown in a parachuting mode, and also the ability to open the forward baggage compartment, but Alabeo have not enabled this. However all the doors can be opened/closed using the Shift E (1,2,3) command or the "O" menu, and the door handles all move correctly.

    Alabeo - Cessna 207      Alabeo - Cessna 207

    The possibility of having larger "tundra" tires for the bush version is a nice addition and this is the most popular variant in real life.

    The models created by Alabeo have a small "fence" on the inside of the ailerons that I had not come across before. Having checked up on the internet I came across photos of a few aircraft with the same modification, but it was never fitted when the aircraft left the factory.

    1. DeLiverpool's Avatar
      DeLiverpool -
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Thoroughly enjoyable review Nigel. Many thanks!
    1. bombadair's Avatar
      bombadair -
      Please Take Note.
      The Airplane is a Cessna 207 Stationair. Skywagon is the Cessna C-185.
    1. britfrog's Avatar
      britfrog -
      Quote Originally Posted by bombadair View Post
      Please Take Note.
      The Airplane is a Cessna 207 Stationair. Skywagon is the Cessna C-185.
      read the text of the review! on the cover of my 1969 owners handbook which i flew for 20 years
      it calls it the skywagon as indeed it was, it could certainly carry more weight than a 185 (which I have also flown) so it makes sense, but the 185 being a taildragger used less runway , maybe that is why Cessna changed its name to stationair , who knows? I suggest you contact them and copy me in to their answer it has always puzzled me why they changed its name
    1. britfrog's Avatar
      britfrog -
      Quote Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
      Thoroughly enjoyable review Nigel. Many thanks!
      my pleasure glad that you enjoyed it
    1. flight_simmer's Avatar
      flight_simmer -
      Just looked it up and although originally known as the Stationair it was marketed variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon and Super Skylane. Right or wrong, Alabeo calls it a Skywagon. Best to stick with that so anyone interested in purchasing a copy can find it. I bought mine last year and love it. Lots of textures out there for it as well. Nice review.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      Who cares what its called. It's a Cessna 207.
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