• FSPS - P3D Booster Live 2018 for P3D

    FSPS - P3D Booster Live 2018 for P3Dv4

    P3D Booster Live 2018 arrives as a brand new product focusing to new users of Flight Simulator. Improving P3D performance was never easier and neither will ever be. P3D Booster Live 2018, uses just a bar you can move from 0 to 100 % and that's it. No options to confuse you, not tick boxes, no extra details, nothing at all.

    If at 0% (Decrease frames) all P3D graphics power is diverted to faster tile loading, better graphics quality, smoother texture and autogen loading. If at 100% (Increase frames) all P3D power is diverted to frames per second.

    So just fire-up your P3D and then start P3D Booster Live. Watch that while you move the bar to 100% you gain frames, watch as you move the bar to 0 how graphics become more stable and better. Everything now is in your hands: You can control the all-time P3D trouble, the quality-to-frames ratio - as you want. It will only take some flights to find the desired value! Either boost frames all the way up, or all the way down so you would gain graphics stability and smoothness or of course, anything in between!

    Of course the main advantage is that you can do it LIVE! For example if at a very congested airport where frames naturally drop, you may use the 100% setting, but while flying you may use a less aggresive setting of 50%...


    • Direct connection to P3D
    • Instant results
    • No edit to prepar3d.cfg and user's options.
    • Up to 200% FPS (frames per second) improvement


    Purchase FSPS - P3D Booster Live 2018 for P3Dv4

    Also available separately for P3D v1, v2, v3

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