• Aerosoft - Helgoland Professional for P3D v4

    Aerosoft - Helgoland Professional for P3D v4

    After growing older, but really not losing popularity, we decided it's time for a new version of the good 'ol Helgoland X (also spelled Heligoland). Its successor, Helgoland Professional, brings it to a completely new level of detail and will offer you thrilling new options. Much of the scenery has been entirely redesigned.

    Forces or nature have reshaped the East coast of Duene. Runway 21 has formerly been blocked by a high sand dune that is now entirely gone. While approaches got a bit easier, the southern end of the airport is now a place where waves break around the southern tip of the runway. 10 years ago this has been surrounded by a large beach and construction teams are hard at work to prevent further loss of sediments.

    In the wake of green energy Helgoland is currently becoming an important maintenance hub for nearby offshore wind-parks. The existing military SAR base have been extended by an offshore maintenance helipad with its own hangar. From here you can fly your chopper to transformer stations out in the sea. All of them have their own helipad and make a thrilling experience to approach when waves are high!

    Aerosoft - Helgoland Professional for P3D v4


    • Extremely detailed scenery (most buildings)
    • 1 meter resolution mesh (so you see the smallest dunes near the airport)
    • Very good performance
    • Animated sea gulls (better not hit those!)
    • Sounds linked to scenery objects (waves, bird, ships and even the sounds of the church bells at noon)
    • Extensive shipping traffic (on nearby shipping lane and most regular scheduled ship traffic to and from the islands and oil rig)
    • Helgoland-Dune airfield (with extremely short runways)
    • SAR helicopter base of the German Navy (start of your rescue mission)
    • Mittleplatte oilrig
    • German Navy frigate (moving and landable)
    • Detailed aerial images
    • Extensive manual (German and English available)

    Aerosoft - Helgoland Professional for P3D v4

    New In Version P3D V4

    • Entirely updated Duene island layout:
      • Major changes to the island's shape to match 2017 status
      • Updated imagery, improved resolution
      • Runways and aprons now have very high resolution textures (~5cm/pix) and improved rain effects
      • Updated airport buildings with covered restaurant terrace and now transparent tower windows
      • Shifted new OLT hangar to its correct location and other minor updates to textures and models
      • Added thousands of vegetation objects
      • Added hundreds of beech chairs on the beaches
      • Added fascines to the beaches
    • Updated main island cliffs, replaced with more realistic textures.
    • Added detailed offshore maintenance heliport connected to the SAR heliport:
      • Very high resolution ground textures for both heliports
      • Added details to SAR heliport (improved fences, signs...)


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    Aerosoft - Helgoland Professional for P3D v4

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