• vFlyteAir - Piper Arrow III Updated

    vFlyteAir - Piper Arrow III

    Version 5.0 Changes

    New Features

    • AUTOUPDATE FEATURE - Licensed from ShadeTree Micro Aviation (STMA), the Arrow III now includes the STMA AutoUpdate plugin. Your Arrow III will always be up to date! Using the STMA plugin, we can push new features and bug fixes straight to your desktop! (Requires Internet connection)
    • FULLY X-PLANE 11 COMPATIBLE - Rebuilt for full compatibility with X-Plane 11 with all-new PBR textures inside and out, XLUA custom programming, and all-new FMOD sounds. Tested with all versions of X-Plane 11 through X-Plane 11.10b7
    • "CONVERTIBLE" INSTRUMENT PANEL - THREE PANEL CONFIGURATIONS IN ONE MODEL- CHANGE ON THE FLY! Fly with the traditional analog panel, or choose the custom Aspen EFD1000 created for vFlyteAir by Mario Donick! You can even change the panel configuration in mid-flight. If you have the RealityXP(r) GTN650 plugin, you can replace the g430 GPS with the GTN650, also in mid-flight if you choose. Support for the RealityXP(r) g430 is also built-in. Your choices are saved each flight and restored the next time you fly! NOTE: Separate purchase required from Reality-xp.com.
    • BUILT-IN SUPPORT FOR REALITY-XP(r) GNS430 & GTN650 - If you have separately purchased the Reality-XP GNS430 or GTN650 plugins (available from reality-xp.com), they will automatically appear in the Arrow III's panel-mounted g430 or gtn650 objects. NOTE: Be sure to activate ONLY the RXP GNS430 or the GTN650 (not both!).
    • "POP-OUT" GAUGES - The Airspeed, Altimeter, Manifold Pressure, Tachometer and Autopilot can be "popped out" of the instrument panel for easier viewing. This VR-friendly feature allows a close-up view of the gauges. Pop-out gauges can be repositioned on the screen.
    • NEW STAND-ALONE KN62A DME - By request from our International customers, we've added a new King KN62A TSO DME unit so that ILS requirements are met in countries outside the USA
    • ALL NEW FMOD SOUNDS - the new FMOD sounds provide a more immersive experience, with directional sounds, doppler effects and other special effects. New sounds include radio squelch static, avionics cooling fan, engine idle, engine cruise, prop wash, and many more.
    • NEW PBR TEXTURES, EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR - The Arrow III takes full advantage of the new PBR rendering system in X-Plane 11 by providing new Normal textures for all objects, interior and exterior!
    • NEW MENU SYSTEM - The new menu system has an OPTIONS, WEIGHT & BALANCE, and interactive, automated CHECK LISTS. The menu widget can be repositioned on the screen, and the on-screen position will be restored when you fly the Arrow III next time. The new menu system uses SASL version 2.50 - no longer requires Windows users to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.
    • DYNAMIC WEIGHT & BALANCE AND CG - As you add fuel, cargo and passengers using the new Weight & Balance menu, weight & balance is dynamically calculated, and the Center of Gravity is updated dynamically (also updates the X-Plane CG). Use the Weight & Balance menu to add passengers, fuel and cargo, and to check your CG limits.
    • NEW INTERACTIVE, AUTOMATED CHECK LISTS - The Check Lists are automated so that items are checked when the check list condition is met. Other items are manually checked by the pilot. Check Lists include "Pre-Start", "Start", "Taxi & Run-Up", "Takeoff", "Climb & Cruise", "Descent & Landing", "After Landing", and "Shutdown". Check lists are based on the PA28R-201 Pilot Operating Handbook.
    • YOUR OPTION CHOICES & SETTINGS ARE SAVED EACH SESSION - Your OPTIONS and preference choices are now saved when you exit X-Plane or unload the Arrow III, and your choices will be restored when you reload the Arrow III. More than 45 data points are saved and restored, including options preferences and lighting and instrument states.
    • NEW HDR LIGHTING FOR THE COCKPIT - The instrument panel gauges are now LIT with custom HDR spill lights for a more realistic look.
    • NEW TAXI LIGHT ADDED TO NOSE GEAR - Taxi light automatically turns off when the nose gear is retracted.
    • ADF RECEIVER IS NOW RMI TYPE - The ADF compass card now follows the magnetic heading automatically so that the ADF bearing needle always points to the direct-to course to the NDB station.
    • NOW USES THE X-PLANE XLUA PLUGIN - We converted all of the plugin logic (except for the menus) to XLUA for better compatibility with more users' systems
    • FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH RealityXP(r) GPS PLUGINS - We have provided the necessary INI files so that you can use the RealityXP g430 or gtn650 plugins (purchased separately from RealityXP.com)
    • NEW ANIMATED FLIGHT CREW - You can have up to four passengers, and the passenger figures are all animated.
    • NEW ENGINE VIBRATION EFFECTS - We animated some of the cockpit objects with subtle vibration effects for more realism (yokes and gauge needles vibrate slightly with engine running)
    • CUSTOM AIRFOILS - New custom airfoils provide more accurate flight performance
    • IMPROVED FLIGHT PERFORMANCE - The Arrow III is now accurate to the PA28R-201 flight performance charts (within +/- 4 kts airspeed and within +/- .5 gals/hr fuel flow at gross max weight)
    • AUDIO ALERT SYSTEM - Provides voice alerts if the system is ON. If the AAS switch is OFF, alerts are analog buzzers and beeps.
    • CUSTOM FUEL QUANTITY LOGIC - The Arrow III has 5 gals of unusable fuel. If the fuel quantity in either tank drops below 2.5 gallons, the tank will run dry. A warning will appear on-screen that the fuel tank level is critically low.
    • CUSTOM COMMANDS CAN BE ASSIGNED TO USER-ASSIGNED KEYS OR JOYSTICK BUTTONS - We make several custom controls available for key assignment or joystick button assignments, including "toggle yoke lock", "deploy emergency gear", "toggle ground elements", "apply toe brakes", and many more...
    • 16 liveries included

    Bug Fixes

    • FIXED - Fuel capacity and several other parameters were set according to PA28R-200 specs, not PA28R-201
    • FIXED - Power settings table on pilot sun visor was for PA28R-200, not PA28R-201
    • FIXED - Airspeed too high by up to 20 kts in cruise
    • FIXED - Left landing gear was assigned to gear #2, and vice-versa for right landing gear
    • FIXED - Trim up/down arrows on autopilot were displaying when glide slope was engaged
    • FIXED - COM2/NAV2 LEDs were hard to read
    • FIXED - RPM gauge was showing redline at 2600 - should be 2700
    • FIXED - transponder was not tied to avionics power
    • FIXED - fuel flow was inaccurate according to PA29R-201 performance charts
    • FIXED - incorrect fuel quantities shown on gauges
    • FIXED - incorrect suction gauge values
    • FIXED - transponder count-down timer minutes not showing correctly when entering a count-down time
    • FIXED - various texture mapping issues
    • FIXED - starter torque and starter RPM too low
    • FIXED - Prop RPM values were different when using prop lever versus keyboard prop lever commands. Prop RPM range now the same for F3 and F4 keys, mouse and Saitek prop lever
    • FIXED - Landing light was too dim
    • FIXED - Main gear were floating above ground a bit
    • FIXED - Corrected EGT / CHT gauge to read in degrees Fahrenheit per the POH

    vFlyteAir - Piper Arrow III

    The Arrow III has been optimized for improved frame rates. We have measured an increase in frame rates from 6 to 12 FPS better performance on a variety of computer platforms, including a MacBook Air laptop, a Mac Mini, and an AlienWare X51.

    The Arrow now features the X-Plane 10.3 Garmin G430 GPS with pop-up hi-res screen! Very detailed model with fully animated landing gear.

    Purchase vFlyteAir - Piper Arrow III

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