• New Year's Eve 2018 Champagne Bundle For FSX And P3D

    Flightsoft - New Years Eve 2018 Champaign Bundle for FSX and P3D

    Flightsoft - New Years Eve 2018 Champaign Bundle for FSX and P3D

    Regular Retail Price: $190.00
    Special Holiday Price: $45.00

    FlightSoft's presents its newest bundle to usher in the New Year. Open up the Champagne bottles and help us celebrate FlightSoft's newest holiday bundle with NEW YEAR'S EVE 2018 CHAMPAGNE BUNDLE FOR FSX & P3D. The newest FlightSoft bundle features 7 mega products for a Special Promotional price of $45.00. We've included our flagship title Hong Kong FSX LIVE to make sure no one is missing this extraordinary title from their flightsim library.

    Pat Zoffreo, President & CEO of FlightSoft said in a recent interview, "This Special Holiday Bundle includes some of the most exciting titles in our catalogue. The product bundle includes Hong Kong FSX LIVE which forms the foundation for this New Year offering. Other titles include Fly to New York FSX, Fly to California FSX, Fly to France FSX, Asian Holiday Destinations FSX, Fly to Northern Europe FSX and Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands. These titles provide a celebratory atmosphere with some of the finest world class destinations such as New York and its Manhattan skyline, California FSX is one of our grandest achievements with the most comprehensive approaches to hundreds of airports in the state then fly over to France on New Year's Eve and celebrate with some Champagne in Paris atop the Eifel Tower. The approaches to Charles De Gaulle International Airport will test your skills of concentration with CAT III arrivals into the airfield. The exciting special weather effects in Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands with redish-brown yellow reflections from the landscape ... the cloud effects and approaches to Spain's extraordinary airports is one of the most enduring highlights of this massive title. Asian Holiday Destinations will take you to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China, India and many other destinations in the Orient.

    Fly to Northern Europe will take you from Paris to Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and a number of other destinations that will inspire you with confidence to fly your aircraft into immense airfields and airports under precision flight rules in both beautiful VFR and IFR conditions. The airports are remarkable and often large with the most sophisticated runway guidance systems.

    The European and Asian Jetliners package comes with this fabulous bundle and I know you'll celebrate in style this New Year with FlightSoft's new 2018 New Year's Eve Champagne Bundle."

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    New Year's Eve 2018 Shangri-La Bundle For FSX And P3D

    New Year's Eve 2018 Shangri-La Bundle For FSX And P3D

    Regular Retail Price: $245.00
    Special Holiday Price: $45.00

    FlightSoft's SHANGRI-LA Bundle for FSX & P3D is certainly the talk of the flightsim town with some of the most mysterious destination titles that many vacation goers and flightsim aficionados have often thought it was on their Lost Horizon.

    This exciting New Year bundle contains Hong Kong FSX LIVE the foundation cornerstone of this Holiday Season's flight sim offerings, Asian Holiday Destinations FSX, Fly to Tokyo FSX, Fly to Taipei FSX, Fly to Hawaii FSX, Fly to Rio De Janeiro FSX and the bonus title Fly to Switzerland FSX. This 7 Mega Titles holiday bundle represents the dreams of vacation goers all over the world. It is in fact the Lost Horizon or Shangri-La of humanity.

    Who wouldn't want to travel to these exotic locations and make their permanent home on the Copacabana beach or a nice homey chalet in Switzerland on a mountain top or live in a high rise in Hong Kong reflecting on the good ole days when the action at Kai Tak Airport and its jetliners could be seen from your apartment window, perhaps a home in Tokyo with its beautiful gardens and pristine ornaments. The same could be said of Taipei whose underground subway stations feature no graffiti and museum quality paintings on the walls, then there's Honolulu and Diamond Head. Our Hawaii FSX package also includes a fabulous KC-10 Extender for all your military reconnaissance missions around the Pacific.

    Yes ... I could retire in Hawaii with its lush greenery and pristine skyscape, the waterfalls, the water ways and pleasant year round temperatures ... this is certainly my Shangri-La ... what about yours? Then again who wouldn't want to retire to Rio De Janeiro and hang around Copacabana Beach. The cuisine is amongst the finest on the planet and the strolls at dawn and before dusk are as beautiful as Honolulu.

    Come Fly with FlightSoft this holiday season and purchase your copy of the NEW YEAR 2018 SHANGRI-LA BUNDLE for FSX & P3D and find out what's been missing in your flightsim library. You'll also get the Asian Jetliner's package, North American Jetliner's package and European Jetliner's package dozens and dozens of DC10 jetliners in various configurations in the popular liveries of the North American, European and Asian carriers. The DC10 cockpit panel with its user friendly glass cockpit features will keep you glued to the screen and the sound effects will bring a smile to your face. The vast and meticulously crafted flight scenarios will have you flying in no time and the flights are designed with numerous and multi dimensional challenges that will keep you on your toes as you'll never know what has been programmed with respect to special effects whether sudden downdrafts, crosswind or other anomalies often encountered in real world flying.

    Get your copy of FlightSoft's 2018 New Year Shangri-La Bundle for FSX & P3D today and while you're at it did we say that Hong Kong FSX LIVE is a foundation product in this bundle. Take a look at these extraordinary images a scenery like no other than play the video clip that follows and experience it upclose and personal.

    Now take a look at the videoclip below of Hong Kong FSX LIVE produced by Smartgroup Technologies and buy your copy of FlightSoft's 2018 New Year Shangri-La Bundle today.

    Hong Kong FSX Live

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