• Santa's Christmas Bundle For FSX And P3D


    FlightSoft announces two Special Christmas Bundles for this Holiday Season.

    Christmas 2017 Holy Season Bundle

    Pat Zoffreo, FlightSoft's President & CEO, says this Christmas Holiday Season FlightSoft has pulled out all the stops. The new holiday bundles from FlightSoft include its flagship Hong Kong FSX LIVE plus six other major titles for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D for only $45.00. Santa's Christmas Eve Bundle includes Hong Kong FSX LIVE, Fly to New York FSX, Fly to Macau FSX, Fly to Africa FSX, Fly to Singapore FSX, Fly to Greece FSX and a Bonus 7th title Fly to California FSX. These massive titles in the bundle are offered to FSPILOT customers for only $45.00. The special promotional pricing only lasts until the Holiday Season is over.

    Zoffreo said, "This is the type of holiday gift that even Santa will be ordering from FSPILOT Shop. The old chap told me himself and I have no reason to doubt him. The products are a wonderful way to dig deep into the flight sim psyche and provide PC pilots with the type of challenges that well crafted scenarios provide the flight sim customer. PC Pilots will enjoy sophisticated flights to many of the most exotic world class destinations. FlightSoft's Hong Kong FSX LIVE is one of the jewels of the flightsim genre and all the products in the bundle complement one another. These are truly integrated products with scenery, aircraft, beautiful cockpit realizations, realistic sound effects, amazing and comprehensive flight scenarios and much more! This is certainly the season to be jolly and old Saint Nick himself would be pleased with FlightSoft's presentation this holiday season!"

    Regular Retail Price: $200.00
    Santa's Christmas Eve Bundle for FSX & P3D Promotional Pricing: $45.00

    This wonderful 7 product bundle will have you flying in no time to cosmopolitan countries all around the world. Hong Kong FSX LIVE is the foundation product for all our Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 product bundles. The title has the finest most detailed scenery elements ever designed for a PC based flight simulation title.

    The jetliner additions feature the most popular airliners of both Europe, North America, Asia and the African continent in various DC10 configurations and a user friendly glass cockpit panel with authentic DC10 sounds both inside and outside the cockpit. The FlightSoft Santa's Christmas Eve Bundle with fabulous airlines from all corners of the globe and time proven products that offer years of enjoyment in your flightsim library. The entire 7 product bundle is available for only $45.00.

    Flightsoft's 2017 Holy Season Bundle For FSX and P3D includes the following:

    • Hong Kong FSX Live
    • Fly To Italy FSX
    • Fly To Greece FSX
    • Fly To Spain & The Canary Islands
    • Fly To The Caribbean FSX
    • Fly To Great Britain FSX
    • Fly To Cancun FSX

    Regular Price: $200.00
    Christmas Holiday Promotions Price: $45.00

    This Holy Season why not fly to Rome and visit Saint Peter's Basilica in all its glory. The Fly to Italy FSX product provides you with the European Jetliner's package with a user friendly glass cockpit panel with Europe's most famous airliners. Your Alitalia flight will take you to Rome, Venice, Milan, Pisa, Naples, The Island of Sardinia, Genoa, Turin and a large assortment of other destinations for your holiday visit to Italy or Greece with flights to Athens and the famous islands of Corfu, Santarini and other island destinations for your Christmas Holiday season.

    This Christmas Season fly to Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, London, Acapulco, Cancun, Mazatlan, Athens, Island of Corfu, Santarini, Rome, Venice, Genoa, Turin, Pisa, Naples, Calabria, Island of Sardinia, Dublin, Shanon, Wales, Scotland, Nassau, Bermuda, St. Maartens, Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico and so much more including Hong Kong with FlightSoft's Hong Kong FSX LIVE.

    Have you ever seen this level of detail in a scenery for a flight simulator?

    These wonderful products represent a holiday treat for your flight sim library. Why not hop on a plane after your Christmas Eve services and fly to Europe with the most detailed and comprehensive library of flights ever designed for a flight sim product and experience those long awaited approaches to islands all throughout the Caribbean and practice your crosswind approaches as you must be proficient in crosswind landings because you'll be flying into St. Thomas, St. Croix, The U.S. and British Virgin Islands, The Caicos Islands, The Bahamas, Havana Cuba, The Dominican Republic, San Juan Puerto Rico, Caracas Venezuela, St. Lucia, St. Martens, Bermuda not to mention London, Dublin, Shanon, Wales, Scotland, Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, The Costa del Sol, Cancun, Mexico City, Cozumel, Mazatland, Acapulco and ofcourse Hong Kong plus so much more!

    Please click on the link below to view an extraordinary video clip produced by SmartGroup Technologies of the immensely popular Hong Kong FSX LIVE.

    Purchase FlightSoft - Christmas 2017 Holy Season Bundle

    Santas Christmas Eve Bundle

    Flightsoft - Santas Christmas Eve Bundle

    The final frontier in the history of PC flight simulation in association with European Space Imaging and DigitalGlobe.

    This bundle includes:

    • Hong Kong FSX Live v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Fly To New York v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Fly To Macau v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Fly To Africa v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Fly To Singapore v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Fly To Greece v2 for FSX and P3D
    • Special Bonus Title: Fly To California v2 for FSX and P3D


    Purchase Flightsoft - Santas Christmas Eve Bundle

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