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    ENSH - Svolvaer Airport

    Publisher: Aerosoft

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    Luke Webber

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    Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane     Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane


    Aerosoft developers Jo Erlend Sund and Simen Nygaard have brought Svolvaer airport to life for both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 and as such I was eager to see if it lived up to its product description.

    Svolvaer Airport Helle is a small regional airport located in the Lofoten area in northern Norway. Its scenic location, surrounded by both fjords and towering mountains, makes this airport a beautiful destination, but due to its harsh winters, will also challenge your skills as a pilot. The scenery features a highly detailed recreation of Svolvaer airport and its surroundings - including a sloped runway and custom terrain model of the airport.

    Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane     Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane

    System requirements

    • X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10
    • Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Linux or Mac OS X 10.10
    • Processor: Dual Core with mininum 3 GHz
    • 8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
    • 3D video card DirectX11 with minimum 1 GB (recommended DirectX12 with minimum 4 GB)
    • Download size: 540 MB

    Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane     Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane

    First Impressions

    My first flight into the airport was in the Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 from Bodo (WIF830), as I was trying to replicate a real world flight. I chose real world weather, and since the skies were clear, decided on a runway 19 visual approach. The turn onto final was highly exhilarating, especially as you bank over the water and skim the terrain with your aircraft. The colorful orthographic imagery of the shore blending in with the land on short final was simply stunning. Using the PLASI runway lights, I kept myself on profile and sat the bird down on the worn asphalt. The detailing of the weathered runway really added to the atmosphere and was something I really liked. This detailing goes as far as having new and worn asphalt next to each other, which looks really neat!

    When I had slowed down enough, I turned around and began my way back along the runway to join alpha taxi to the stand. During the way I could not help but notice that the runway gradient was accurately modelled; this for me was a big plus point. I made the turn onto alpha and saw the highly detailed terminal and the other maintenance buildings come into view.

    Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane     Svolvaer Airport by Aerosoft for X-Plane

    As I got closer, I noticed that there were many ground vehicles (and numerous pieces of ramp equipment) scattered around, which helped bring the airport to life; something I always enjoy. A nice touch was the moving Wideroe flags in the wind, which made me feel welcomed as I pulled up to the stand with the assistance of the marshaller.

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