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    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    Once the user has created a set, this can be saved as a preset pack for later use, and installed directly into the simulator. For some airports where there are no third party scenery packages available, the user can use the options and features above, to create an environment which does, to a degree, mimic what is there in real life.

    The package also includes an 'Enhanced Airport Pack' which adds additional realism (higher quality textures) to the enhanced airports found in a vanilla install of FSX and P3D. Some of these include Heathrow, JFK and Salt Lake City.

    With everything installed and loaded, the difference when in the sim, is quite startling! The default airport buildings are transformed, and the result is a new level of depth and realism to the sim. Each and every one of the textures in the package has been sampled at a resolution of 1024x1024 and it certainly shows. Replacing the ground taxiway and runway textures with the REX versions, makes taxiing, departures and arrivals look and feel even more impressive, especially from a pilot's viewpoint.

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    One area I particular enjoyed about this add-on, was that it attempted to make buildings appear more three dimensional by incorporating certain imagery in the textures. This was most noticeable with hangars and terminals, as the textures used here, displayed a degree of activity. This ranged from aircraft stored in hangars, to service desks within passenger terminals.

    Another area I was equally impressed with, was with the replacement airport vehicles and ground services. These are now a lot more lifelike, with both textures and modelling being vastly superior to the ageing models found in a default FSX/P3D installation. Watching these numerous vehicles go about their business is simply a joy! My only dig in this area, is that the conveyor belt model does not rise into the aircraft but instead, creeps forward slowly until the simulator thinks it has been attached.

    Night Effects

    Both day and night textures are included for most models, and where 'activity' is normally present at an airport, suitable textures are included. The new ground services also have night lighting to go with them. Whilst it's not volumetric lighting (illuminates anything around it), the effect is still good and adds plenty of life to the airport.

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    Using The Scenery In General

    So far I have been unable to find anything majorly wrong with this add-on; this is after using it for over a month. In this time, I have used it to create improvements to quite a few airports, and the experience each time, has been nothing short of stellar.

    The installation of each texture is simple and the result is a major improvement on what was already present! There is also the ability to add your own textures so as to be used in the packages, but this requires some additional work to achieve - REX has stated that they will provide a tutorial on this at some stage.

    Another major plus for using this package, is that it will not affect any other payware and freeware airports, unless of course, they specifically use the default buildings that come packaged with FSX/P3D. Most third party sceneries don't however, so you needn't worry about your Aerosoft, Orbx, or other airports suddenly becoming distorted in some way!

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    1. vgbaron's Avatar
      vgbaron -
      As of this date, I am pretty sure this is NOT compatible with P3D 4.1. May I suggest you note that in the review?

    1. nippa's Avatar
      nippa -
      Quote Originally Posted by vgbaron View Post
      As of this date, I am pretty sure this is NOT compatible with P3D 4.1. May I suggest you note that in the review?

      I think you're right.
      I've given up waiting.
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      I still fly FSX, and I think this is one of the best values for overhauling the default airport scenery.
    1. nathantw's Avatar
      nathantw -
      Not sure about P3D 4.1 but it works fine with P3D 4.3 and 4.4.
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