• Announcing FSCaptain 1.8.0


    Systems Unlimited is proud to announce that on this eighth anniversary of the first release of FSCaptain we're releasing the newest version, 1.8.0. This latest version offers a wealth of exciting features for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) simulation - as well as a new assignments system that opens up FSCaptain to a whole new world of aviation adventures beyond scheduled and charter flights. And of course, this version includes dozens of general improvements to previous features.

    FSCaptain will work with all versions of FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, Prepar3D versions 2, 3, and 4; as well as continued support for FS2004. (Although some features such as the new Assignments system use SimConnect facilities which are not available in FS2004.)

    Get more information and the latest version of FSCaptain at our web site www.fscaptain.net.

    Major New Features in Detail

    PREPAR3D VERSION 4.X AWARE - FSCaptain can now recognize aircraft installed outside P3D4's main simulator folder, and there are now 64-bit compatible DLLs and FCDU gauges.

    IN-SIM PLN RECOGNITION - The FCDU will now react to a PLN loaded into your simulator, whether you use the simulator's Flight Planner to load a new PLN, or you use a third-party utility such as AivlaSoft's EFB or Pointsoft's ProATC-X which both can 'inject' PLN data directly into the simulator.

    NAVDATA RECOGNITION - By arrangement with Aerosoft GmbH, we have included AivlaSoft-formatted NavDataPro files from AIRAC 1702 which FSCaptain uses for Transition Altitude / Transition Level, and Navaid Frequency data. Of course, you can always use your own updated Navdata files for pinpoint navigational accuracy!

    CUSTOM URLS IN YOUR DISPATCH - Now you can embed URLs into each Dispatch Release that will use Departure, Destination and Alternate ICAO codes to give you access to real-world data to help you plan and manage your flights! Do you like to listen to real-time Clearance Delivery while you go through your pre-flight procedures? Are you interested in information about real-time flight between your departure and destination? Now you can program your URLs for one-click searching!

    Early Adopter (In Development) Features

    Some new features in 1.8.0 are still unfinished, but they're too handy to leave hidden behind the cloak of beta testing...

    Dedicated Deicing Facilities And Deicing Trucks

    While FSCaptain has offered the most comprehensive on-stand deicing simulation for many years, now you can set up dedicated deicing facilities at any of your airports - enabling professional results with modern-use facilities.

    This also showcases FSCaptain's first entry into deploying SimObjects, as we now offer the use of static trucks which offer deicing and anti-icing sprays!



    Offering the ability to engage in non-ATP flights, this ground-breaking feature allows easy-to-make flights to simulate Deliveries, Pickups, Airdrops, Recon/Surveys, and Attacks. Yes, ATTACKS.

    Fully working with both the freeware [email protected] and the payware TacPack packages, FSCaptain can allow single- or multi-player engagements where you can get shot down, or take the attack to your enemies!

    But it's not all hostile - Assignments can allow humanitarian relief & fire-fighting airdrops, or wildlife survey flights. The sky has suddenly become your limit!

    "I'll Be Back"

    This feature allows you (as Captain) to 'step out of the cockpit' leaving your autopilot-monitoring FO in charge of your flight. Once you reach cruise level, you can switch on your autopilot and tell your First Officer "I'll be back" and they'll monitor everything until you return - or pause the simulation if something awry occurs!

    Voice Text

    If you've ever found cockpit voices hard to hear over the roar of your engines, FSCaptain can now display your FO's and FA's audios on-screen.

    Plus, if you've stepped out of the cockpit for a while, when you return Voice Text will replay all messages that occurred while you were away!

    Available Now!

    Both Full installers and Fixpack (update) installers are available at www.fscaptain.net, and licenses are available from various resellers. Updates are always free.

    Purchase FSCaptain at the FS Pilot Shop

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