• SimWorks Studios - F-4B/N Phantom II Updated

    SimWorks Studios - F-4B/N Phantom II

    Changes in Version 1.30 Include

    • F-4B/N Phantom II
      • Fixed some untextured parts in the aircraft
      • Fixed Refuel Ready light timer
    • Carriers Extended! & Coral Sea 1965
      • Fixed conflict with VRS Superbug
      • Fixed inoperative arresting gear
      • Converted to new SDK-compliant format
      • Improved cable tracking accuracy
      • Left only one working elevator in FSX, to make it landable
      • Added custom catapult logic
      • Improved statics system
      • Aircraft Configuration App
        • Fixed crashes due to conflicts with certain add-ons
        • It now supports add-on folders outside of sim’s root
        • Added new options for catapult launches
        • The following presets are auto-applied upon running
          • SimWorks Studios F-4B/N
          • MilViz F-4J/S
          • RAZBAM A-7 TacPack edition, A-7 Vol.1,2,3, A-6 Intruder
          • Virtavia A-4, E-2, AJ-2, F11F, F4D, F3H, A-6E, EA-6B
          • Alphasim RA-5C, A-3B*
          • Aerosoft F-14A& B
          • Dino’s F-14, S-3,F-35, T-45
          • FSX Blue Angels F/A-18C
          • FSXA F/A-18C
          • SOH S-2 Tracker
          • VRS Superbug

    SimWorks Studios F-4 Phantom II

    The F-4 Phantom II is a tandem, two-seat carrier-capable supersonic fighter/bomber, first flown in May 27, 1958. Designed during the 1950s as an all-weather Mach 2 interceptor, the F-4 Phantom II could boast a maximum speed of more than twice the speed of sound, thanks to its two J79 engines. It was the first aircraft to be adopted both by the US Navy and US Air Force and it served with many air forces around the world in different variants.

    The F-4B was the first production model, entering service with the US Navy in 1960 as the F-4H-1 and later renamed to F-4B. The F-4B was equipped with the AN/APQ-72 RADAR, to be used along with the AIM-7 Sparrow missile. Coupled with the F-4's great speed and climbing characteristics, the combo allowed the F-4B to intercept oncoming aircraft before they could attack the fleet and at a long range.


    We have strived to reproduce the F-4's flying intricacies and feel in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. The exterior and interior models have been recreated with great attention to detail and we believe that the SimWorks Studios F-4B can reproduce the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of this legendary aircraft!

    SimWorks Studios - F-4B/N Phantom II

    Visual Model

    A high quality exterior model has been created from scratch, using hundreds of drawings and photographs to ensure great detail and accuracy. From the shape of the entire aircraft to the smaller mechanical parts that can be seen, every aspect of the F-4B has been reproduced painstakingly.

    Professional Flight Dynamics

    The F-4B/N Phantom II flight dynamics are the result of a comprehensive study of about a dozen technical reports from official sources such as NASA. We spent a lot of time investigating Phantom's "phlight" characteristics, working with coefficients from experiments in the real F-4. When results from real test data weren't available, we would use results from scale models or wind tunnel data. In some cases, due to restrictions in Flight Simulator we were led to use mathematical equations in order to find the desired value and achieve the correct result. A variety of methods was used so that the .air file -containing more than 50 custom made tables- provides a result that will satisfy the purist.

    SimWorks Studios - F-4B/N Phantom II

    Extra Content

    The F-4B/N comes bundled with an AI version of CV-43 USS Coral Sea that can be used with TacPack or AI Carriers as a home plate for your missions. F-4Bs were deployed from USS Coral Sea during the Vietnam war. The model comes with many details such as working elevators, customizable deck aircraft, animated crew, weather-dependent animations and much more.

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