• VSF Glider Aerobatics

    VSF Glider Aerobatics

    By Thomas Bruckelt

    In this video, I will show some unlimited figures flown with a real SZD-59 Acro and compare them to the Cirrus K in Vehicle Simulator (VSF). I will give different views on the aerobatic figures so that you can better follow them up.

    As you'll be able to see, the physics of VFS work excellently, even beyond the stall and falling backwards into a tailside. Both the SZD-59 Acro and Cirrus are very comparable, as both speed and g-load figures for aerobatics are very similar. Also the virtual Lo-100 for VSF can be seen with "smoke on"; flying spectacular figures for airshows.

    Special thanks to Manfred Echter (translated the figure names) and Simon Greis (ground Camera). The SZD-59 D-1138 belongs to the Forderverein fur Segelkunstflug im BWLV (club for aerobatic gliding in south/west Germany): www.segelkunstflug.com.

    Hope you enjoy the video!

    For more on the subject, please download this PDF:

    VSF Glider Aerobatics.pdf

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