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    B-36 Peacemaker

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    Michael Hayward

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    The B-36 was a strategic bomber built by Convair in the 1940s and 50s. Known for its massive size, it was the largest piston-engined aircraft ever produced and had the longest wingspan of any combat aircraft ever built. It was also the first aircraft capable of carrying nuclear bombs through four bomb-bay doors at the base of the aircraft, seeing service solely in the US Air Force as part of the Strategic Air Command.

    B-36 Peacemaker

    This is an older aircraft released back in early 2013 by Virtavia, but after watching the 1955 Anthony Mann/James Stuart movie, Strategic Air Command, I had to give this a go and see what the aircraft was like!

    Aircraft Specification

    • Crew - 13
    • Length - 162 ft 1 in (49.42m)
    • Wingspan - 230 ft 0 in (70.12m)
    • Height - 46 ft 9 in (14.25m)
    • Empty Weight - 166,165 lbs (75,530 kg)
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight - 410,000 lb (186,000 kg)
    • Powerplant - 4x General Electric J47 turbojets plus 6x Pratt & Whitney R-4360-53 "Wasp Major" radials

    B-36 Peacemaker     B-36 Peacemaker

    Aircraft Performance

    • Range - 10,000 mi (8,700 nm, 16,000 km)
    • Service Ceiling - 43,600 ft (13,300m)
    • Top Speed - 200 knots (230 mph, 370 km/h)
    • Maximum Takeoff Run (MTOW) - 5,000 ft (1524m)

    Download & Install

    Installation of this package was rather simple; when purchasing from the FSPilotShop you are given a ZIP file which contains two installers, one for FSX and another for FS2004 (that's the age we're talking about with this model).

    No key is required for installation, the process is automated and the aircraft is ready to go.

    B-36 Peacemaker     B-36 Peacemaker

    Once installed, you have the option to view the readme and apart from that, it does not come with any other documentation (that I could find).

    Exterior Model

    There are two models that come with this package, the B-36B which only had the six propellers, and the B-36H which had both the six propellers and four jet engines used by the Strategic Air Command, leading to the nickname "six turnin' and four burnin'".

    The B-36 was one of the largest aircraft ever to be used by the US Air Force and this is well-represented by this model with the fact that it is just massive! There aren't too many runways wide enough to hold this thing, which is why I tested it out of KNFW Fort Worth in Texas where they were all based.

    The exterior model itself on both models is done to a fairly high quality. The aircraft looks like a B-36, with bump mapping included across the body, defining panel gaps and other small details on it.

    B-36 Peacemaker     B-36 Peacemaker

    All flight surfaces and flaps are well animated, although one feature I especially liked was the ability to open the bomb bay doors, which do look good. There was no payload manager meaning I couldn't see any bombs, but it was a nice extra feature to have with the aircraft!

    This aircraft model is very light on the CPU and therefore does not take a hit on performance. This makes it good for people who may not have a high-end PC.

    Only one livery is included with each model, the USAF Strategic Command registered 2028 with the B-36B and the Strategic Air Command registered 382 with the B-36H. Textures are done in 1024x1024 pixels, giving the aircraft a fairly high quality, but nothing groundbreaking. A nice amount of weathering has been added to the liveries, which make them fairly realistic within the FSX environment.

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