• Interview: Camil Valiquette

    Interview with Camil Valiquette

    By Adam B. Carlson

    Interview with Camil Valiquette

    Camil Valiquette is considered by many to be one of the most prolific designers of large airliners in the world. He has spent countless hours designing aircraft for Flight Simulator 2000. Recently he rolled out his new A340-500/-600 and 777-200LR/777-300ER line of aircraft. He was also responsible for the first A3XX for Flight Simulator with his FS98 model. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about his designing. A little background on Camil: He is retired, lives in Ste. Rose Montreal with his wife and is 52 years old; he has been passionate about commercial aviation since age 12.

    1. Who or what would you cite as your inspiration for developing your aircraft?

    Since my young age I used to love to draw and have been passionate about commercial aircraft since the jet age began, I used to draw the airlines colors the DC-8 and Boeing 707 and designing future concepts too.

    2. Why have you chosen to make the aircraft you make? Is there any particular reason?

    I did design all the Airbus and Boeing models with AAF for FS4 for my own use. When I started my Internet page, at that time there was almost no Airbus A330-200/300, A340-200/300/500/600 and B777-200/300 on the net so I started the collection for those types. Also I made an A3XX.

    3. When/how did you first get into flight simulation and who brought you into it?

    As I was passionate for aviation, when I saw that I could fly an aircraft on a simulator, that was in the early 80s, I bought my first computer, a Sinclair, then upgraded to FS4 with a 286 and still upgrading.

    4. What has been your favorite project and why?

    My favorite because it was and still is very popular, is my Airbus A3XX for FS5/FS98; at the time this was and still is I think the biggest plane on the net. The FS2000 version is still not ready yet; I have some problems with files too big for Aircraft Animator and FS2000. It also has some problems with crashing both programs.

    5. What has been your least favorite project and why?

    The least favorite was my Lear 31A for FS5/FS98. I only did that one once.

    6. What was the first project that you did and did you find it difficult or discouraging?

    My first project was my Airbus A330-300. I did not find it difficult to do, because I was working in 3D on "AutoCAD" at the time, but it took around 6 months to design with AAF.

    7. What does the next generation of flight simulator from Microsoft look like from where you are standing?

    I think the next version will be just an update of FS2000 with no major changes like FS5 to FS6, but I hope they will improve the 737 and 777.

    8. What do you think is the most important thing you've learned from looking at the past of flight simulation?

    The most important thing that I learned is each time a new FS comes in, I have to get a new computer!

    9. Tell us something about your new A340 and 777 lines.

    I like to introduce new models like I did for the A3XX and A340-500/600 for FS5/FS98. These new A340-500/600 were redesigned for FS2000 just in time for the real roll out January 1st 2001 for the A340-600 and January 7th 2001, for the A340-500. I just got the confirmation today, and as for the new models from Boeing the B777-200LR and the B777-300ER introducing wing tips, like the B767-400ER. Simmers can fly them already, long before the real roll out in late 2002. The Boeing 767-400ER is a new type also. I did remember doing the roll out of the aircraft on my site the same day that Boeing did.

    10. What tools do you use to design your planes?

    I design my planes with AF99. I do my animations with Aircraft Animator, textures with Paint Shop Pro, night textures with TXTBMP2, M98toBGL, SCASM 239 and Marco Rensen's Night Textures Tutorial. Folks, you have to thank him for the night textures on my planes, I didn't want to do my night textures with a hex editor, so he did a program called Source2mdl to bypass the hex editor. Even with that program I did not want to do it (it takes about 6 hours per aircraft each time I make a new color, from bitmap to SCASM codes). But he insisted; it took me about a month and lot of email to start my night design.

    11. What advice would you give someone (me for instance) who is struggling with trying to get into flightsim aircraft development?

    Don't stop! Don't loose heart! Accept the valid critic, and be patient. Nothing will come the same day.

    Interview by Adam B. Carlson
    [email protected]

    Visit Camil Valiquette's web site at:

    Download aircraft by Camil Valiquette.

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