• Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado

    Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado

    Announcing the Sim Skunk Works PA200 "Tornado" for FSX, Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4.

    This Sim Skunk Works PA200 'Tornado' is compatible with TacPack and vACMI and provides highly detailed models with features including Moving Map Display using real aeronautical charts, Terrain-Following Radar, Ground Mapping Radar, Spin Prevention system and RWE equipment.

    The Dynamic Drag Index concept means that the loading and dropping of external stores affects not only the weight but also the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft.

    Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado


    Below is a list of the most important features, some of which are unique to the SSW Tornado:

    • Moving Map Display using real aeronautical charts with superimposed airspaces, airports and navaids aeronautical layers; TPC charts can be used as well (England, Germany, Italy coverage)
    • Terrain-following radar linked to flight director and autopilot; TFR is based on real SRTM elevation data
    • Ground Mapping Radar with dynamically computed radar shadows
    • NAV auto steering mode
    • Dynamic Drag Index concept - external stores load/drop affect not only the weight but also the aerodynamic drag
    • Wing sweep between 25 and 67 affects the aerodynamic behaviour, changing the position of centre of lift and inertia moments as well
    • Spin Prevention system
    • RWE equipment
    • TacPack and vACMI compatibility - requires at least vACMI to be installed (free download)
    • Supported weapons:
      • AIM9-L a2a missile
      • MK82,MK82SE bombs
      • GBU12 (vACMI only)
      • AGM 88 HARM (vACMI only)
      • ASM AS42 Kormorn missile (vACMI only)
    • Optimized 'UBUNTU' models for multiplayer to assure high FPS in online sessions
    • Tornado embedded tablet connected to a constantly updated web site; tablet will show normal and special procedures, new update and news of interest for users.

    Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado

    SSW Tornado Tablet

    This is an innovative way to mantain updated documents and procedures as well as provide tips and tricks to the user, since it is connected to a web site which is a live and often updated document.

    Users Benefits

    • Upon request the user can have an account on the SSW support forum
    • PA200 paint kit

    Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado

    System Requirements

    Minimum requirements:

    • Flight Simulator X with Acceleration, FSX: Steam Edition
    • CPU: Intel / AMD multi core 4-8
    • 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
    • GPU: nVidia with at least 2GB of RAM, DX10/11 compatible. Other GPUs such as AMD Radeon are known to work correctly but are not supported by SSW.
    • Windows 7 and later (Windows 10 version 17003 build 15063.540 or later recommended)
    • vACMI must be installed (free download)

    Available In Three Versions

    Purchase Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado for FSX
    Purchase Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado for Prepar3D v3
    Purchase Sim Skunk Works - PA200 Tornado for Prepar3D v4

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