• Review: ORBX - Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport KBLU

    Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport KBLU Scenery

    Created by ORBX Simulation Systems

    Review by Raymond Andersen


    The Blue Canyon-Nyack airport package from ORBX Systems is a high quality scenery pack developed by Greg Jones and Russell Linn together with their team. The pack includes three airports together with a bonus hospital helipad located in the vicinity of 2O1 Gansner Field and the airfields together covers an area of about 1,500 square miles. The custom mesh is a 10m mesh covering about 8,000 square miles around and in between the airfields. The scenery requires the ORBX FTX NA Northern California to perform the best.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    KBLU is a public strip that features an asphalt runway together with an asphalt apron. The field is located at an altitude of 5,284 feet above sea level and is only open for flights during the summer season since there are no facilities for clearing the runway during winter.

    CA21 Limberlost Ranch is a small private grass strip with a very short and challenging sloped runway that certainly will push your pilot skills to the limit, especially at windy and rainy weather conditions.

    2O1 Gansner Field is a medium size public airfield featuring an asphalt runway, taxiways, apron and parking areas together with several hangars. The CL94 Plumas District Hospital helipad is close to the airport and also featured in the pack.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon     ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    General Information And Airport Specs

    Airport Name Blue Canyon-Nyack Gansner Field Limberlost Ranch
    Airport Type Public Public Private
    Owner County of Placer County of Plumas E.J. Pettigrew-Chase
    Operations - 9,200 (2015) -
    ICAO KBLU None None
    Multicom 122.90 MHz 122.70 MHz
    Location Emigrant Gab, CA Plumas County, CA 23Nmi West of KBLU
    Elevation 5,284 ft 3,419 ft 1,650 ft
    Coordinates 39°16'30"N 120°42'35"W 39°56'38"N 120°56'43"W 39°13'15"N 121°12'57"W
    Runways 15/33 Asphalt
    3,300 ft x 50 ft
    06/24 Asphalt
    4,105 ft x 60 ft
    10/28 Turf
    1,700 ft x 100 ft

    Key Features (Data From ORBX Systems)

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    Purchase, Download and Installation

    I got this scenery directly from the ORBX Systems web site and I did the download and installation through the ORBX FTX Central v3. Downloading and performing the installation of the scenery this way was exceptionally easy since I almost did not have to do anything myself. After the scenery was unlocked in the FTX Central I could just click the button "Install" and the scenery was then automatically downloaded and installed to the correct location on my PC without me having to provide any input on folders or registration keys etc.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon     ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    The installed version of the KBLU scenery pack which is also the version tested and reviewed in this review is the version v1.05 for FSX. The download of the approximately 955 MB file together with the installation of the scenery only took about 2-3 minutes in total which I find to be very quick and only possible due to a superbly good server connection.

    Prior to the installation of the KBLU I had also activated, downloaded and installed the FTX region NA Northern California. This file is 1.32 GB and the version installed for this review was the version v1.30.

    Included in this pack is a user friendly and very easy to read User Guide. This guide is a 15 page PDF file that you can download through the FTX central v3 as well, and that features descriptions on the three airfields, various helpful airport information and charts together with quick references and recommended settings etc.

    Before using the scenery I will recommend opening the included scenery configuration program which will enable you to customize the sceneries from a large list of options. The options included in the list are texture resolutions, grass settings, airport shrub settings as well as various other features that can be applied, changed or de-activated.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon     ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    If you have a lot of add-on sceneries installed you might get issues with the elevation meaning that the sceneries are not correctly displayed. This does not mean that the scenery is not installed correctly, but I discovered that for me it was due to the scenery priority in the FSX scenery menu. Changing the priority by giving the KBLU pack a higher priority made the scenery appear perfectly.

    Also ORBX Systems has included a note regarding the usage of CA21 Limberlost Ranch - since this strip is very sloped and does not follow the FSX or P3D terrain, ORBX recommends to select the starting location to be "Runway 10" and not the default "Active Runway" to avoid getting an elevation issue.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon     ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    The complete scenery covers a huge area located northwest of the famous Lake Tahoe near the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Gansner Field to the northwest and the Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport as well as Limberlost Ranch to the west.

    The area is a very scenic area to tour with lots of beautiful terrain featuring hills, mountains, lakes, dams, forests, etc. and is in my opinion certainly best viewed flying GA aircraft.

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon
    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon
    ORBX KBLU Blue Canyon

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Excellent review Ray!

      Orbx never cease to amaze me with the quality of their sceneries.

      Many thanks!

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