• Flight Sim Show 2017

    Flight Sim Show 2017

    By Michael Hayward

    On October 7th 2017, Just Flight and PC Pilot co-hosted their fifth annual Flight Sim Show at RAF Cosford Royal Air Force Museum in Staffordshire. This year was set to be the largest one yet with over 35 exhibitors and 1,800 attendees, meaning a lot was going on this year from Remex Software showcasing their soon to release Deadstick Bush Simulator, to TFDi Design showing off their Boeing 717 and latest lighting tweaks to Prepar3D v4.

    Flight Sim Show 2017

    During the event, I was able to interview 13 of the developers and compiled this into a video showcasing the events of the day. In this article, I will be providing a summary of each of these exhibitors, talking about their latest releases, as well as discussing the future of each based on what was said during the event!

    Laminar Research

    Laminar Research went in big this year, with this being the second major event they've been to since the release of X-Plane 11, and with their major 11.10 update just around the corner they were very keen to show us that!

    Speaking to Marty Arant, I was told how X-Plane started back in the early 1990s, not as a commercial product but instead as a simulator designed by Austin Meyer, as he was unhappy with the current simulators of the time. He also explained to me more about how X-Plane differs from that of other simulators, using a technique called 'Blade Element Theory' which defines an aircraft's characteristic through the exterior model and how airflow works around it rather than using the 'table look up' method, which uses pre-defined characteristics to determine how an aircraft flies.

    Flight Sim Show 2017     Flight Sim Show 2017

    The 11.10 update will include many new tweaks to the worldwide environment, including new landmarks located around many of the world's major cities. New modified default airports such as Las Vegas will also be included, bringing the simulator even more to life with a new range of autogen buildings and road layouts.

    Virtual Reality was also another massive talking point, with Philipp Muenzel making this a major part of their seminar talking about how Laminar expect to introduce a full interactive environment and hangar for the user to set up their simulator within.

    Overall, there are some very high hopes coming from Laminar Research as development on X-Plane is full steam ahead!

    Remex Software

    Remex is a new developer in the simulation scene, showcasing their latest product Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator to the community. Their seminar was all about the simulator and all of the features it will include. I also got a chance to speak to Chris Cheetham about the company and the simulator.

    Remex are a new company celebrating their third year, having previously worked with an F1 team. Deadstick is their first commercial product, combining realistic features and Cheetham's love for flying.

    Flight Sim Show 2017

    While a rare sight for flight simulators, the Unity engine has been used for this project as the developers behind Deadstick (well, only two guys) both have experience in the engine, making it a perfect match for Remex.

    The simulator itself will include realistic physics, a fully explorable fantasy environment full of different rugged terrain for you to hone your skills in, and a high fidelity, albeit unbranded aircraft for you to fly and play with. You will be able to control every part of your aircraft, including a full manual aircraft loader system in which you can manually load and unload cargo. The world environment has full PBR modelling and tessellation, including full foliage meaning this simulator should look fantastic once released!

    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Thanks for a great roundup of the show. Would have gone but too far away.
      Thanks again.
    1. alanmerry's Avatar
      alanmerry -
      Not mentioned above are the non-trade exhibitors such as Sherburn FS group and Modsim. Its always interesting to see other people's set-ups and what they have got that may be useful to me (especially if its freeware!). Also had interesting chats with other visitors to the show in a similar vein. And with the RAF museum itself to wander around, its well worth the trip. I trust that the show will continue to get better and better year on year.
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