• RealWorld Scenery - Italy 3D Environment 2017

    RealWorld Scenery - Italy 3D Environment 2017

    For those of you who love to fly over the real ground, now you can bring your scenery up to the next level. No longer do you have to fly over a barren flat photo of the ground.

    Our new scenery add-ons create a 3D environment on top of the photo real, by adding vegetation/trees, buildings and 3D lighting to the entire scenery, making this as "Realworld" as it can get!

    • Over 10 million buildings and houses!
    • A full assortment of vegitation covering all types of foliage
    • Full Night Lighting with a variety of light styles for realism and diversity
    • Various Buildings based on GIS data, situated in the footprint of actual buildings
    • Various Vegitation based on area of the world and placed acording to GIS data sources
    • Framerates optimized and updated for great performance
    • Realism that beats any Landclass Based scenery

    Experience the Best in Quality Realism. Fly Realworld Scenery Environment Packs!

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    RealWorld Scenery - Italy 3D Environment 2017

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    1. roypaglia's Avatar
      roypaglia -
      I have installed to FSX. I already had MegaScenery Earth - Italy and Taburet - Italy 19m Mesh. Italy 3D Environment is very disappointing. The 3D effect on the photoreal scenery is almost non existent and the night effect as shown in the picture of the advertisement is not there at all. It's only the major roads that show night traffic, the rest is not illuminated.
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