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    DHC-2 Beaver

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    The DHC-2 Beaver is a single engine, 6-7 seat, high wing taildragger and STOL aircraft developed and manufactured by the Canadian company De Havilland Canada since the late 1940's. The Beaver first flew in 1947 and entered production shortly after.

    It was a successful aircraft, a truly reliable workhorse featuring either standard or tundra wheels, skis or floats and was primarily used as a bush and utility aircraft flying either passengers or cargo, and here the excellent STOL capabilities gave the aircraft a huge advantage when flying into smaller airstrips.

    DHC2 Beaver

    This iconic aircraft was designed to operate in all seasons and in the majority of weather conditions. The aircraft features an all-metal construction fitted with the Pratt & Whitney's R-985 Wasp Jr. radial engine providing 450 hp (336 kw). The Beaver has a cruise speed of 143 mph for a total range of 455 miles and is known to be a very reliable and fairly easy aircraft to pilot.

    About 1,650 aircraft were built and about 1,000 of these aircraft were purchased by the US military until the production stopped in 1967 and the DHC-3 Otter succeeded the DHC-2.

    General Information & Aircraft Specs

    DHC2 Beaver
    • Produced by: De Havilland Canada
    • National Origin: Canada
    • First Flight: 1947
    • Introduction: 1948
    • Role: STOL utility transport
    • Produced: 1947-1967
    • Built: 1,657
    • Developed Into: DHC-3 Otter
    • Status: Not in production
    • Crew: 1
    • Capacity: 5-6 passengers
    • Length: 30 ft 3 in (9.22 m)
    • Height: 9 ft 0 in (2.74 m)
    • Wingspan: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m)
    • Wing Area: 250 ft2 (23.2 m2)
    • Empty Weight: 3,000 lb (1,361 kg)
    • MTOW: 5,100 lb (2,313 kg)
    • Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Jr. Radial Engine 450 hp (336 kw)
    DHC2 Beaver
    • Max Speed: 158 mph (255 km/h)
    • Cruise Speed: 143 mph (230 km/h)
    • Range: 455 miles (732 km)
    • Service Ceiling: 18,000 ft (5,486 m)
    • Rate of Climb: 1,020 ft/min (5.2 m/s)

    Purchase, Download And Installation

    I purchased this add-on directly at www.FSPilotShop.com and the purchase and download went as always with ease and without any problems. The download is named MVZ-340 and is a zip file of about 818 MB which is a rather huge file for an add-on with this complexity. The download was completed after just 1.5 minute meaning that the connection to FSP is very good and as always also very reliable because I got no disruptions or similar.

    DHC2 Beaver     DHC2 Beaver

    Installing the file was performed without any problems just by using the included installer which also features an auto-find FSX folder. The installer is very user friendly and quickly guides you through the entire process - to complete the installation only took about two minutes. However just after the installation was completed I received a message from the MVAMS (Milviz Add-on Management System), that there actually was already an update available for this product and which I of course then started the download and installation process of.

    The version that I tested and which is covered in this review is the FSX/Acceleration Pack version v1.1.0.15 (downloaded) and then updated to the version v1.1.0.16. No license key or registration code is needed to install or use this add-on.

    I checked the virtual hangar after the installation was completed and here I found the DHC-2 Beaver perfectly located in the dropdown menu Publisher as Milviz, and the dropdown menu Manufacturer as De Havilland Canada.

    Each model and each livery has their own unique image which I find to be excellent and a superb detail when wanting to search for a specific model and livery for the next flight. This just makes the selection very user friendly.

    DHC2 Beaver     DHC2 Beaver

    A total of four models and one paint kit are included in this package; the standard model featuring normal size wheels, the tundra model featuring oversize wheels, the skis model and the floats model. Each model has six unique liveries meaning that in total you have 24 options to select your preferred aircraft for the next flight. Furthermore, when using the MVAMS you actually get an extra setup option as well where you can select the Beaver to be either the passenger version or the cargo version.

    The passenger version features seats in the back and a fuselage with larger rear windows whereas the cargo version features selectable cargo load that also is visible when viewing the cargo from the front seats. The fuselage for the cargo version features the old small round rear windows instead.

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    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      The interior shots certainly look good
    1. hangar32's Avatar
      hangar32 -
      Great review. Just purchased this aircraft (before I read the review) and agree with your point, although I haven't had time to fly everything…so I should do that now.

      One minor point. The aircraft requires a .dll (called XMLTools.dll) to be properly loaded by an entry in your DLL.XML file. For some reason mine did not automatically load correctly. Without this you lose functionality on several gauges and the starter.

      Not to worry, there is a post in the Support Forum that addresses the issue and how to fix.
    1. lawdog130's Avatar
      lawdog130 -
      Just purchased this aircraft also before seeing review. Incredible aircraft! Very nice detail inside and out.
    1. mrozo's Avatar
      mrozo -
      It has become a favorite one. In my opinion it gives more than expected.
    1. roach's Avatar
      roach -
      I run windows 8 will it support the beaver?
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