• Review: Fire Flight

    Fire Flight by Ilan Papini

    Review by Daniel Rugemer / Thomas Bruckelt

    Fire Flight 1

    Ilan Papini, the developer of the ever popular simulator" Vehicle Simulator", or VSF for short (www.hangsim.com/vsf) has dedicated his latest project "Fire Flight", a firefighting-themed flight simulator, to the brave and often heroic efforts of the firefighting crews situated in and around Haifa, Israel.

    For those interested in reading the Vehicle Simulator review, you can find it here.

    Fire Flight     Fire Flight

    Based around the physics engine of VSF, Fire Flight's aircraft and land vehicles offer the user a high degree of realism. Like its big brother VSF, control or your craft is achieved by using the three primary input methods; mouse, keyboard and joystick (optional). Keyboard commands are easy to get to grips with and are well laid out. The numerous menu systems are also logically placed and again, easy to use.

    In addition to the various aircraft found in Fire Flight, numerous land vehicles can also be selected. These include the following: Fire Humvee, Fire Truck, Fire Jeep and Fire Van. Like their aerial counterparts, these too all have different handling characteristics and add another dimension to the simulator. Also, just like VSF, the list of available aircraft/vehicles keeps growing, so it's well worth checking Ilan's web site frequently for new freebies!

    Fire Flight     Fire Flight

    So what about the fires themselves? You'll be glad to know that these are implemented realistically and can be fought by either dropping water from an aircraft, or by dousing them from land vehicles. In much the same way as real fires, the ones modelled in Fire Flight spread and move, depending of the weather conditions. These conditions (if selected) can be manipulated by the user and the amount of flexibility offered in this area is quite substantial. Interestingly, fires also have a direct impact on the atmospheric conditions. Getting in low so as to be on top of a fire to extinguish it, exposes your aircraft to turbulence, which in turn results in numerous bumps. If that wasn't enough, there is also the risk of overheating equipment and available time.

    Fire Flight     Fire Flight

    Much like the simulated fire in the simulator, water too has been recreated to a high degree of realism. Friends of VSF will already be familiar with the high detail offered in this area, but even they will be surprised at the level of detail now offered, as Ilan has taken it to a whole new level. For example, it is now possible to land the CL-215 or the Air Boss on water and fill the tanks! Seeing this being done from the external view while watching your aircraft gently bob up and down on the waves, really is a sight to behold!

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