• Rolling Cumulus - WW2 Air Evacuation

    Rolling Cumulus - WW2 Air Evacuation

    Rolling Cumulus Software WW2 Series

    Taking The Boys Back Honoring The Pilots Of ATC

    By the summer of 1944 the techniques of moving sick and wounded men by air had been standardized and ATC had acquired a large fleet of C-54 transports, its only aircraft suitable for long, overwater evacuation flights. In the Pacific areas ten or more of these planes had already been equipped to carry from twenty to twenty-eight litter patients, arranged in tiers, four litters high.

    In that year a fifth of all the patients brought back to the United States flew by ATC aircraft. The program made a strong appeal to the imagination of a generous and sympathetic people, eager to do what they could for the boys. Air evacuation duty was not easy; the nurses and technicians who cared for the evacuees during the long hours of overwater flight bore more responsibility than their counterparts at work in non-mobile hospitals. But there was a peculiar satisfaction in the job, derived in part from the gratitude of men who appreciated the swift passage from combat or a field hospital to Oahu, or, even better, to the United States. What it meant to the parents, wives, and sweethearts of the wounded or ailing men requires no rhetorical embellishment and no conventional documentation.

    Rolling Cumulus - WW2 Air Evacuation

    By 1945 the War was coming to an end and ATC continued at a larger pace its missions of bringing home the wounded boys who fought for our Liberty.

    • Twelve C-54 flights over the Pacific Islands and the USA
    • Fly the Boys back to Hawaii using one of the many ATC routes Dulag, Phillipines--Coomailie Creek Australia, Brisbane, New Caledonia, Fiji, Wallis Is, Canton Is, Hawaii
    • Return...Leaving 1943 Reno Army Base In California To Hawaii, Canton Is, Wallis And Brisbane
    • Photoreal air bases
    • New scenery
    • WW2 maps
    • Six weather themes
    • Relive historic events of WW2
    • Option to fly C47's and C46's around the islands transporting the wounded to local hospitals
    • Complete Documentation

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