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    August 27, 2017 was the 5th Anniversary of VFR Sundays, and we are still going strong. We are happy to see the Blue Crew get together every weekend. After 5 years of flying, we are continuing our world tour as we leave Eastern Asia and the North Pacific moving eastward back into the North American continent. We've seen a lot of fantastic sights and some interesting weather. There will be much more as we enter Alaska in the late summer and fly into the dead of winter! Come and join us for more adventure and discoveries!

    Sky Blue Radio

    This Week's Featured Flight is Sunday at 23:00 Zulu:

    Aug 13th, 2017 PADU to PASD to PACD (direct)

    Departing: PADU Unalaska Airport, Alaska, USA

    Turn Around: PASD Sand Point Airport, Alaska, USA

    Arriving: PACD Cold Bay Airport, Alaska, USA

    Direct Distance: 155 nm. (Actual distance: 301 nm.)

    Recommended safe cruise altitude: 11,500 ft. and above

    Recommended equipment: Single or Twin Turbo Props

    Relevant scenery: Pilot's choice or Rikoooo's REX Road & Highway Textures

    Relevant weather: CheckWX or NullSchool

    Download Flight Plan: HERE

    All flights are on the VATSIM network and join us in our Discord channel.

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