• Review: VMAX - Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

    Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

    Publisher: VMAX / FlightFactor

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    Michael Hayward

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    The 767 is a medium sized, wide-body aircraft developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes from 1981. As of April 2017, 1098 aircraft have been built, with 106 orders to be fulfilled. The aircraft was developed alongside the Boeing 757 to fill the gap between their Boeing 737 and 747 aircraft and with both aircraft sharing common features, it allowed pilots to obtain a common type rating.

    VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

    The FlightFactor model is based on the -300 ER variant, the mid-sized 767 Boeing offering, with its improved fuel efficiency and blended winglets. In this review, I will be breaking down the aircraft into what it offers the user, as well as giving my overall opinion to whether or not this aircraft belongs in your X-Plane hangar.

    Aircraft Specification

    • Crew: 2
    • Length: 180ft 3in (54.94m)
    • Wingspan: 156ft 1in (47.57m)
    • Fuselage Height: 17ft 9in (5.41m)
    • Empty Weight: 198,440lbs (90,011kg)
    • Loaded Weight: 412,000lbs (186,880kg)
    • Powerplant: 2x GE CF6-80C2-B4/0C2-B6/C2-B8F/C2-B7F1 or PW4056/60/62 or RR RB211-524G/H

    Aircraft Performance

    • Maximum Speed: 485 knots (558 mph, 898 km/h)
    • Maximum Range: 5,980 nm (6882 miles)
    • Service Ceiling: 43,000 ft (13,100 m)

    VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

    Download And Install

    When downloading this aircraft from the FSPilotShop, you are provided with a ZIP folder which includes the aircraft files. Once unzipped, drag and drop the created folder into the aircraft folder of your simulator. Remember that it's good 'X-Plane' practice to create a separate 'Add-on Aircraft' subfolder to store this in.

    When using the 767 for the first time, you are asked to input a licence key which was provided by the FSPilotShop. Once this has been input, restart the simulator, and the aircraft will be ready to use. There are three main PDF documents included within the package: the main manual, the 763 FCOM and a Remote CDU manual.

    Exterior Model

    The external model of this aircraft is quite simply amazing. All minor details have been defined either as bump maps or as part of the model itself. FlightFactor have put an enormous amount of effort into using all the enhanced features that X-Plane provides, and it certainly shows. The result is a model which not only looks good from afar, but also when viewed close up! With quite a few X-Plane (and FSX) aircraft, it's possible to observe inaccuracies in the modelling, but in the case of the 767 being reviewed here, I was hard pushed to find any.

    VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional     VMAX / FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional

    Panel gaps and lights have also been well defined (and accurately placed) along the length of the fuselage. This is most notable around the engines and landing gear, where each nut and bolt is visible and defined. Another nice feature is that when you lower the flaps, the electrical systems and pumps become visible, which shows you the lengths the team went to in modelling the finer details of the 767.

    The included textures have been created in 4K resolution, making them highly detailed, even when viewed close up! A degree of weathering has also been applied to the textures which help give the aircraft some 'service life'. It's quite something when you think that some of these aircraft are now nearing 40 years of flying time; truly a testament to Boeing's design!

    1. aler's Avatar
      aler -
      One of the best airplanes for the X-Plane pilots. It is a great pleasure flying her.
    1. tango07's Avatar
      tango07 -
      Do you have the Same Model in "FSX" ?? Not One in My Group are with X-Plane... Could have Ordered this Aircraft in my Collection. Sorry!!!
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      FSX has had, for quite awhile, the equally realistic but somewhat less visually advanced LDS 767. I have both, in addition to around 9000 hours in the real thing, and I can tell you that they both do an outstanding job of duplicating the 767 experience, at least to the extent to which it can be achieved in something like a PC based simulation.

      LDS has dropped a hint or two at FlightsimCon that they will finally be bringing out their long awaited B757 for MSFS, and we shall see if anything has been done in the last decade or so to improve the visuals of the virtual cockpit. If so, then possibly an update could be contemplated for their 767. They do seem to have brought out a patch in the last year or so that purports to allow their 767 to be installed in Win 8 and/or Win 10. This had been a major reason why many of us stick to Win 7 for our simming! So LDS may still be alive and well.

      Tony Vallillo
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