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    Transall C-160

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    Bill Stack

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    Transall C-160 by Flight1 & JSS Simulations

    Image From Flight 1 & JSS Simulations

    Transall's C-160 is a twin-turboprop military transport aircraft by Transporter Allianz, a French/German alliance commonly called "Transall." It was developed in the early 1960s and remains in service in various capacities such as aerial refueling, electronic intelligence, and logistic support. In addition to France and Germany, models are flown by Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia, Switzerland, and others. Its crew consists of a captain, co-pilot, and flight engineer. It can carry up to 93 troops, 88 paratroopers, or 62 stretchers. The C-160 was the only aircraft manufactured by Transall.

    The C-160 is approximately the same size as the similar-purpose Lockheed C-130. It compares to stock FSX aircraft as follows: Its 106-foot (32-meter) length and 131-foot (40-meter) wingspan make it roughly twice the size of the Beechcraft King Air 350 and about one-third larger than the Douglas DC-3. Its 112,435-pound (51,000-kilogram) gross weight is more than seven times heavier than the Beechcraft King Air 350 and four times heavier than the Douglas DC-3. Cruising speeds are about the same as the King Air and much faster than the DC-3.

    Transall C-160 Specifications
    Item Value
    Length 106 FT
    32 M
    Wingspan 131 FT
    40 M
    Occupants 98
    Empty Weight 63,935 LB
    29,000 KG
    Maximum Weight 112,435 LB
    51,000 KG
    Useful Load 48,500 LB
    22,000 KG
    Fuel Capacity 5,019 G
    19,000 L
    33,627 LB
    Engines (2) RR Tyne
    Power (x2) 6,100 HP
    4,549 KW
    Cruising Speed * 267 KTS
    495 KPH
    Maximum Speed 277 KTS
    513 KPH
    Ceiling 27,000 FT
    8,230 M
    Range 1,000 NM
    1,853 KM
    Source: Wikipedia
    Note *: Military-Today.Com

    JSS Simulations' Transall C-160

    JSS Simulations offers many features in its Transall C-160 such as accurate interiors and exteriors, high-resolution textures, four liveries, "loads of" three-dimensional animations, and "extensive" documentation. A significant feature is an integrated application interface for an advanced weather radar.

    Transall C-160 by JSS Simulations Germany Transall C-160 by JSS Simulations Turkey
    Transall C-160 by JSS Simulations France
    Transall C-160 by JSS Simulations South Africa

    1. ncflyboy66's Avatar
      ncflyboy66 -
      I bought this model directly from Flight 1 when it first came out and I was impressed with its overall quality which is outstanding on many levels, especially systems depth. It is in my opinion one of the best deals in flight sim addon aircraft models and especially so at this price. Yes, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Military Turboprop in this class.
    1. sebk's Avatar
      sebk -
      Problem is that the external model looks anything but a real C-160 Transall. The nose looks rubbish, the engines are far too short, the area where wings meets the fuse is just wrong and the fuselage seems too short at all. There's half a million pictures of the real plane at airliners.net. Just compare it with the screenies available for this kite. After all these glitches on the exterior model you simply don't want to enter the VC. Hands off this package.
    1. cmdl1650's Avatar
      cmdl1650 -
      No interest to me so I wouldn't buy it anyway but I think sebk has the edge over Stack regarding external view accuracy.
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